The Testament of Malachi
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Originally written by Malachi.

1. Hear and Behold! I begin my Testament! I am Malachi, who has taken it upon himself to document the First of the Grave Events; the events that have so gravely transpired.

2. For the age of the Grave Events is upon us, and those who will take our place and super-cede us must know the Grave Events, so that the re-placers may be prepared.

3. It began with a war. One Hundred Thirty-Four winters ago to this day. A quarrel among nations, the quarrel of quarrels, war of wars, and conflict of conflicts. The nations all sought to end the war, with each of them desiring to be the victor. Each desiring to reshape history in their own image. One nation desired this most dearly.

4. Their banner; a flag with 48 white stars on a deep blue field, at the top left corner of a field of horizontal alternating red and white stripes. They called their land; A-mer-i-ca.

5. The people of this land were industrious, their fires of industry making them formidable foes to all who would oppose them. but their foes, the enemies of A-mer-i-ca were industrious as well, and caused much grief to them all.

6. Then a man came forth. A wise man, more knowledgeable than all the men of his peers. He was called Alb'ert Ey'en-styne. He came forth with an Idea to end the war.

7. The Idea was a Weapon, a weapon that would spark the first Grave Event. The Flash!

8. They named the Weapon; Trinity.

9. The Weapon, Trinity was tested, and lo and behold! The Flash! The first Grave Event!

10. From the wasteland of Al-a-mo-gor-do, the first Grave Event obliterated outwards, destroying and ravaging for 850 of the Old Units! (Kilometers)

11. Woe befell all those who saw The Flash! For their meaning was stripped away, and they all burned.

12. A plague of the air fell across the land of A-mer-i-ca, and many suffered.

13. And the unclean air was taken by the wind, and spread across the nations, causing many to fall ill.

14. And the Nations that fell ill of the wind vanished, ne'er to be seen again on the face of the Earth, for a new Age of suffering had dawned. The Age of the Grave Events!

15. What I must say has been said. It has been recorded and shall be set in stone! I, Malachi, conclude my Testament!

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