The Thousand
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Fragments and scraps from a book of prophecy known only as 'The Thousand'.

Page 29: "Enslaved to her desires, not one but two, obeying her will, and aiding the rise. Look to her when the moon covers the sun, for then she may be ended."

Page 51: "Bound to the chain, borne of those not his own. Flesh to flesh, ash to ash, never to be forgotten. The end comes, but he sees it not, for he will never end. Beware the man with a thousand faces, for he shall ride on."

Page 172: "Pain denied is pain doubled. Denied by his own flesh, kept in chains by his own mind, never shall he be who he wants to be. The child of the pain denies her sire, never to know her lineage."

Page 261: "A god is broken, separated, removed from its power. Those who wield it know it not. Should his power ever be restored, he shall ravage the earth, and make it over in his image."

Page 348: "Swiftly cutting, never stopping through and through. Let it never rest, for in rest it is most dangerous.

Pages 425: "Beware the price of the song, for the children shall be the ones who pay it."

Page 467: "Death, again and again. Evermore Death, ever more shall it flow outwards. Beware, for Death wins every hand.

Page 534: "Filly bones bald treating taming hellish yellow. Polly told hairy few coins. Mischief, even here."

Page 599: "Follow the path, never blocking. Enter the new world it creates. Find yourself alone."

Page 647: "Drowning beneath the tide of stone, riches to be had if only breath could be found. Diamonds glitter in the waves, but beware the consequences of these actions. She will bring freedom through weight.

Page 712: "The apes seek forgiveness for crimes unforgiven. Through further crime, they rise to power, and flow together, until all but one is removed. Beware, then, the wrath of the monkey unchained."

Page 900 "Beneath the isle of light, the mother of darkness is chained. Bound with iron, pierced with silver, the fires are lit to keep her from rising. Daughter spring from her hips when they pass before her. Father to son, the secret passes, until the walls of ignorance crack the bondage."

Page 917 "Blood of the second brother, denied by time, restored again and again, through the will of the youngest Poisoner. In him is hidden the the secret to her return, and through him the cage is locked. Beware the lost eye."

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