The Tragedy of Hanacaraka
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'twas shortly after the coward Aji Saka tricked Dewata Cengkar, undoing the giants' culture and history, that the supposed hero remembered his sacred armaments left behind in Majeti.

"Had I not forgotten, with such mighty weapon, surely I could brought the Giant King down!" Thought the deceiver. "But the White Crocodile plagued the sea around Jawa. Were I to travel on a ship, mustly he try to send me unto nirvana."

Thus sent was his ministers to Jambudvipa, whose services he did not require urgently, or whose loyalty he doubt in sincerity. Amongst them a trusted retainer, burdened was his name with duty, to retrieve the weapon however method necessary.

The fleet sailed west, braving ocean ruled by storms and abominations, unaware of their king's machination. In his evil deceits, Aji Saka sunk the boats of his perceiv'd enemies, leaving the former giant king to save his innocent ministries.

Arriv'd the fleet to Jambudvipa, unboarding Medang Kamulan's delegations, to mediate with the foreign nations. Behind the shadows the retainer slipped, against attention of diplomats present, to fulfill the mission he indeed went.

Climbed the messenger a mountain, where the armament was stored, and his old friend stationed. Request he did to the old friend, to deliver the weapon entrusted within, and relinquish the duty he retain.

"O Sembodo my oldest of friend, within me conferred trust by Aji Saka our lord, to acquire the pusaka fast as we could afford."

"Beloved Dora my treasured friend, mustly you knew our lord's decree and command, to only deliver the pusaka as our majesty demand. Is this a test then, that you ask for the sacred artifact, asking me to betray my oath and sworn pact?"

"O Sembodo my brother in covenant, never would I lie nor test your loyalty, for I would swear by the name of your faith and fealty. Yet herein our conundrum, as I too have received an instruction most inviolable, for me to acquire the pusaka by any means I am capable."

Boil'd their blood with jealousy and suspicion, for they both but mere mortals at heart, and believe'd they of legitimacy their lord impart.

"Beloved Dora my esteemed comrade, have you come truly come as mine enemy, to tempt my faith against obligation and duty?"

"O Sembodo my fellow in servitude, to oppose you I would never wish, but i would not stand for your act most selfish!"

Thusly borne from Aji Saka's faulty rule, fell the two servants into opposition, despite a lifetime they had been companion.

'twas much later that Aji Saka finally reached Majeti, through trickery and deception of the Naga, escaped the Giant King's hold around Jawa. Found he did of the battle of his servant, his pusaka untouched by the carnage, and his servants lie incinerated by zealous rage.

Wrote Aji Saka of his retainer, with the letter he gave to his followers and citizen, to latter denote every what they comprehend:

Hana caraka

There (were) two messengers

data sawala

(They) had animosity (among each other)

padha jayanya

(They were) equally powerful (in fight)

maga bathanga

Here are the corpses.

How calous! How outrageous! Fallen were his most trusted servants, yet with mockery were they awarded, to lowly animals their remains were likened!

Only with disgust do I recognize Aji Saka, for his disregard of people he claim to represent, and for the illegitimacy of his regent. Yet end not his treachery, for there are untold tales of cowardice and deceptions, surrounding the ancient precursors of Nusantara nations.

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