The Traveler and the Warlock
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His course came to a halt when he felt a swift blow to his temple - he fell to the matted soil of the path. A sprinkling of faerie dust over his forehead, a cloth thrown upon his mouth…

“Aye, Brother, come play knights with me!”

His sight had blurred, just a bit, at first.

“Addison, come and play!”

The voice of his long - dead sister called to him, and he watched his vision melt away.

“Addie, you promised! I’ll be the Dragon…”

His heart felt the warmth return, as though he were once again a small boy, following his sister into the forest.

As his consciousness was released, his body floated throughout the air, an empty vessel. His mind was lost in the recollection at last.

The warlock left, his purse filled with the man’s belongings.

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