The Unbound
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When performing sorcery, the majority of sorcerers either do so through a spirit, or using material preparations such as reagents and glyphs. Those who use no such focus for their sorcery, instead wildly unleashing the unfocused energy through their own bodies, are known as The Unbound.

It is a reckless tradition used mostly by fools unaware of the consequences. Many may even relish the changes this method may bring, thinking the slow deformation of their bodies into monstrous forms signs of their emerging or growing power. The fate of most of these fools is insanity as their mind grows twisted beyond coherence, and then suffering and eventual death as their bodies twist into perversions incapable of sustaining life.

The unlucky may find their mind intact as their body becomes that of a monstrous beast; the unluckier still keep neither their sanity nor their human form, turning into beasts and monsters.

Some practitioners of the method may be able to control the changes to their body and mind to some extent, but it is ultimately nothing more than delaying the inevitable.

- Roxana the Helot

Book of Eleven Hours, Volume I

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