the universe in 3/4 time
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ctik-ctik-ctik / ctik-ctik-ctik / ctik-ctik-ctik
my steps echo down the stairs

I do not know where to go at this point. The school building is vacant, but you and I are here anyway. We both could leave, but we've made up excuses as to why we couldn't. You are incredible. Surprisingly, you seem to think the same thing about me. Your birthday is coming up. I'll have to get you flowers, or perhaps that necklace you said looked good. I can't help but hear the sounds coming from the vents over the sound of your voice. I make a joke about it…

fh-tk-ttfk / fh-tk-ttfk / fh-tk-ttfk
oxygen passing; i don't seem to have enough

The music hallway is cluttered and smells like weed. It's odd, really, how the school is built. You've always said its reminiscent of a prison, but today it is our sanctuary. We walk out into the band room. Practice has long since ended. I can't even think of something to say to you, but I've never been great at that. You laugh a little bit about something someone wrote on the whiteboard, and play on your snare. I can't see anything past your eyes…

ka-ta-tash / ka-ta-tash / ka-ta-tash
i've always found percussion the most important

There's a lot I want to say, but I don't think I will today. We continue our walk and talk about nothing at all. Like a dream, eventually it ends. Then, we say our goodbyes because you have to go eat with your dad before he leaves town. And that's it. We both get into our cars, sigh, and drive off. Nothing happened, but I feel happy. No climatic end, yet I feel content…

thu-thu-thump / thu-thu-thump / thu-thu-thump
still beats my heart, to the rhythm of three four
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