The Collections

Welcome to the Collections. This page contains series with multiple entries on site, both by solo authors and collections from multiple authors. You are free to contribute to the following Canons and Series, unless it is mentioned otherwise, as long as you follow the general rules of writing and write something appropriate for the collection. Happy reading!

The Canons

The following are groups of works set in the same universe or with cohesive storylines or themes, with multiple authors, five or more entries, and a hub.

Groups of Intrigue

The various Groups of Intrigue and Instance… that we know of, anyway.

Should you find another bunch who scare you, intimidate you, or give you pause, I trust you will research them more thoroughly yourself.
Note: This volume is not open to new entries, except with the permission of rumetzenrumetzen

The Journal of Aframos Longjourney

The Pilgrimage

Whoever you are, if you love the wild and the wondrous, please read on.
Note: This volume is not open to new entries, except with the permission of DrEverettMannDrEverettMann

The World of Elrich

There are many weird places that the Librarians know of, places that people couldn't understand if they tried. And then there's Elrich.

There are nine corners to Elrich, although nobody can quite explain why.

The Wanderer's Station

The Library has achieved liftoff. Welcome to the future.

Archivist Software [version 1.000…5](c) [ERROR: Time not marked] Wanderer’s Association. All rights reserved.

The Journal of the Walk

A journal with no name, no years, no sequence…Only wandering and food for thought.

The entries give no clue as to when they were written in terms of a broad historical timeline; regardless, readers have found the lessons and morals in their words and records to be timeless and for all ages.

Last Light

Stories of the last safe place in the multiverse.

The stars of the multiverse blink out, one by one, and everything fades to black. But there is an exception. Only one. And all of creation flocks to this final island.

The Huntsman

Writings of a nameless wanderer who searches the Library for information on monsters.

The Huntsman comes prepared in mind and in arsenal. The Huntsman's journals will teach you how to do the same.

Sole Singularity

The Works of Cyren Pligmolon, describing a post-singularity world.

This home that we call Earth is full of flaws. Completely ridden with people who will never quite amount to their own expectations. However, after today — such pesky shortcomings forever disappear.

Fear and Loathing in the Wanderers' Library

The gonzo journalism of Duke Gathers, reptile extraordinaire.

Name's Gathers, Duke Gathers, and I'm the lizard with the guts and gizzard to give you the news as is: raw, ugly and weird… very weird.

Lady Fuchs

Writings of a shadowy, formless Astrocryptologist from a long dead world.

She welcomes avid Library-goers to pick up a volume from her expansive collection, and learn a little bit at a time about some of the most fascinating, weird, and generally flavorful life which exists in the known and unknown multiverse.

The Silver'd Fabulist of Alagadda

Tales spun from the wondrous city.

A skilled researcher and writer, they are best-known for their translations of the folktales of other races into the tongue of the city, so that the citizens are educated in, entertained by, and pleased with this observation of other worlds.

Shiloh A. Wrun

A heinous criminal whose very name must be forgotten.

If you would like to browse our collection of historical essays and writings to better inform yourself of Wrun's ATROCITIES, we can direct you to the following.

The Works of Lady Tianhong, who Scribes

Notes of a tennin observing humanity.

The woman is wearing the clothes of an empress, a rainbow of embroidments and textures finely adorned with feathers of avians long extinct. A silken scarf calmly floats around her, attuned to the dance of a golden headdress. She turns, then smiles.


Photojournalism from the Zrnyowycz war

The past is not simply arrested on the other side of the abyss. Instead, it cuts channels through signals and signs, accumulates new meanings, new protagonists, new directions, until glimpsed from the present in a strange and alien form. Such is the nature of the war she documented. Such is the nature of storytelling.

Katherine Wolff's Journal

Diary entries of a young girl exploring a fantastical London.

While few and far between these days, gnomes are still very much alive. Alive and kicking.


Transmissions from deep space, intercepted by an alien probe.

Drifting across the endless expanse of space would cause any natural mind to wither. Drifting without company, without contact, without purpose. But for Semeliel, the void is far from silent.

Vitalis LLC

Retrieved from the corporate afterlife.

Low-ranking workers of the afterlife struggle under the employ of an uncaring Management.

River Canon

Stories centered around the river.

The River flows. To the West, North, East, South, and into Space. The River flows.


The Latino Experience.

Trying to find a face for us means contemplating five hundred years of history spent amidst triumphs and defeats, half a millennium of missteps and leaps of faith.

Cedar Bardot

Archeologist, Wanderer, Adventurer.

Few wander the shelves without a story to tell, and Cedar Bardot is no exception. If you’re looking for anything to do with history, you want to talk to Cedar.

TitanClash LIVE

Get ready to rumble!

Welcome to the international database on kaiju management. We are so happy to have you join us today to learn more about our biggest growing industry.

Anthology 2023

Tarot-based Horror.

And so the fortune-tellers persist from generation to generation, their ears attuned to invisible currents beyond this world, finding a truth beyond our understanding within our own contrivances.

Mages of Rela

Harness your Runes.

People in all manner of clothing walk and fly and fall sideways in the air, create illusions with the scarcest gesture, learn magic that will make them capable or rich or efficient or knowledgeable in every other place. Fabrics of a million colours ripple in the hot sea wind. Now imagine this all ending.

Over Root and Under Loam

Mud, Blood, Whimsy and Rodents.

His name was Orpek. Orpek of the Sore Feet, if he’d give himself a title. He was travelling west. He did not plan on ever stopping. These are the tales of his journey.

The Series

The following are groups of works set in the same universe or with cohesive storylines, with one author, five or more entries, and a hub.

Atlas' Burden Hub by meltedbeemeltedbee


The Library Atlas' Burden Past and Future In the Library, there are stories told of a peculiar man who walks not among the bookshelves and statues of the halls of the Great Libary, but walks among the cliffs and crags of the vast multiverse. He is said to seek knowledge in the material, to...….

Legends of Midgard by Din-BidorDin-Bidor


Imagine. Imagine an ocean of stars, stretching as far as the mind can fathom. Imagine. Imagine worlds of ice and fire, of sand and ash, of earth and water, forever churning in the depths of space. Imagine. Imagine empires and civilizations spanning billions upon billions of worlds, locked in cycles...….

Miyetlapallintlalli by (user deleted)


Listen, and you shall hear a story. Before aught else existed, and the universe was a formless void, Hualma came to be. There was no time in the void, yet he waited; no space, yet he was still alone. And Hualma grew lonely, thus, for he was from the beginning a god of creation, and his desire grew...….

Ocular Haze by VishardshVishardsh


Ocular Haze An IRONBAND Canon Series On the icy plains of a sea frozen solid long ago below a sunless sky a young augmented thaumaturge runs from the band of underground cities around the equator. Picked up by a group of salvagers who scour the empty expanse for scrap metal, she aims to...….

Rocks to Rockets by Reasonably PsychoticReasonably Psychotic


To: Amnesiac Me From: Dead Me Hey idiot, the save thingy on the replicator broke. Which means you don’t remember anything past teleporting to this planet, puking your guts out, hitting the button, and waking up gooey and confused. Then you followed your sixth sense until you found our magic...….

Tales from Spears to Flowers by Reasonably PsychoticReasonably Psychotic


Narrated by Fraizwrite Fraizwrite The Shelf of Kings: King Spear the Unifier (12BU-0AU) King Shield the Protector (0AU-11AU) King Stone the Stubborn (11AU-33AU) King Snowflake the Singer (33AU-81AU) King Flame the Insane (81AU-85AU) The Shelf of Heroes: Sunglow the Scavenger (11AU) Root...….

The Heptateuch of Eve Hub by Muse HillMuse Hill


The Library The Heptateuch of Eve Part 1 The Wanderer's Library contains every book that has been written, will be written, and many that will not - across all possible universes. Sometimes visitors to its endless halls spread works from one world to another, introducing its inhabitants to...….

The Island by JayKillbamJayKillbam


The Island “I have found peace, it exists upon the rolling glass of a steady sea.” CHAPTERS Part 1 Chapter 1: Restless Chapter 2: Reception Chapter 3: Recreation Chapter 4: Recursion Chapter 5: Retraced Part 2 Coming… Part 3 Coming… To Chapter 1 The Island To Most Recent Chapter (Following...….

Transient Collection by UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing


Transient Impermanent. Fleeting. Lasting only for a short time. Or perhaps - people. Those found in a place temporarily. A momentary variation. Have you ever felt like a ghost? Wanderlust. Searching for meaning. A sense of place. Flickering flashes of clarity before they disappear into the...….

Versos by Maxyfran73Maxyfran73


Podría escribir los versos más trillados Podría escribir cuentos que vos ya has escuchado Podría hablar de noches bajo una Luna desquiciada De un amor baldío, pérfido, de un beso que no vale nada De una silueta imposible, de un amorío olvidado De la crueldad de un hombre despiadado De un correr a...….

The Collaboratives

The following are works available to contribution from any Wanderer.

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