The Wanderers Gallery

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Rarely has anyone thought of the library as a location to exhibit or see contemporary art, except, of course, in the many books within the library.

But this changed when "The Wanderer's Gallery" was discovered, a near endless art gallery located inside one of the great Halls of the Wanderers library.

As you walk through the main entrance of the library's Wing-JF-2, the gallery can be found directly to one's right. The beauty of this location is that all types of library patrons can stop by and check out the current exhibits and be exposed to the art and the ideas conveyed.

For people like us, who already have keen interest in visual arts and art history, we were moved by the experience for it was arguably one of the most non-elitist art exhibitions that we have ever seen.

The paintings in the gallery are all black and white in appearance, and new paintings seem to automatically manifest magically at random intervals of time.

The following artworks were discovered in the Library's Wing-JF-2. The artworks ranges in age from 2 to 78 common years old. What is strange is that they are all signed, and presumed to be made by a single artist named "Dr. Avenlee". As of now, no record of the artist has been found, it is believed that the artist had never entered the library but has somehow found a way to magically manifest his paintings into the library, leading to the creation of the Wanderers gallery. Maybe the artist is trying to communicate with the librarians through his paintings or maybe he does it just for fun, we don't know. More art is magically be added after hours as well. We here at the Library look forward to see what manifests next.

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