The World Is Burning Down Around Me
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"The World is burning down around me, there is no way, there is no how. There is just fire. Hope is lost, and destruction spreads, yet we stand gloriously together. We will not bow, we will not kneel, we will fight for the freedom of those who are unique and different. Our goals are simple, Freedom for those who are different from us, and we strive for it to the end. They call us the Hand, they call us Anomalies, Parathreats, Monsters, the names the ones who live in the dark made to paint us as vile and evil creatures, yet even they are too afraid to show their true colors to the outside world. The King Of Darkness Below rises from his shadowy domain ready to strike the Wanderer's Library at its most vulnerable state, like a tiger sneaking in for the kill. So this is a call to arms to face the oncoming threat, we shall band together, even if you are a Monster, Human, Alien, God, or something in the Between, we shall unite as one. Intricate parts that serve one purpose, like Hand, The Serpent's Hand, for we will be the ones who will protect the Wanderer's Library, to make it a Safe Haven for beings of all shapes and sizes, no matter the cost. For The World Is Burning Down Around Us, not me, not them, but for us. And we shall face it head-on together united as one, for the sake of Freedom and Justice for all. The Peoples who dwell in the Wanderer's Library must not stay silent to the atrocities committed by people who are misguided, and full of rage. For we are the True Patrons of the Wanderer's Library and we will never give in to fear and terror even if we burn for their sins. We will not be subjugated anymore to the disgusting and disgraceful likes Of The Jaliors, Of The Madmen, and Of The Bookburners. We shall sway the Land Of Men to our side and enlighten the misguided and show them justice and equality for all peoples. May This Be The Official Declaration Of Protection For The Serpent's Hand. For The World Is Burning Down Around Us."

The Explanation And Background Of The Article Above:
The Article above is an Old Excerpt of what remains of "The Official Declaration Of Protection For The Serpent's Hand", which has been long since lost to the wraths of time. The Author of the Declaration is currently unknown but many Archivists are working to find who wrote truly wrote this piece of writing. Other than that, this excerpt is of great importance to us because it is an old scripture, that is mysteriously lost to time, and this is the only proof of its possible existence. It is theorized by many patrons that this is how the "Serpent's Hand" cause first started out. It also describes our ideology and goals perfectly, and we recommend these scriptures to be taught to young wanderers for they can learn about our ideals. All in all, many things are left unknown about this piece of literature like its origins. But one thing was left very clearly, and that is it was fundamentally crucial to the Wanderer's Library as a whole. For we are the only things that stand between the eternal peace between the multiverses and the brink of total eradication of the Multiverses as a whole.

{A Picture Of The Original Scripture:}
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