The World of Elrich
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Wonder no more. A traveler's guide to the Elran Islands is at hand. Lands steeped in myth, legend, as many stories told and untold as there are stars in the sky. But fear not wanderer, as the reality of their respects form abundant evidence of continued day-to-day existence. Ordained through royal authority, this manual will hopefully allow the prospective traveler full knowledge of the places they may come across in travels.

The Kingdom of Elrich


Hard working and industrious, the people of Elrich call themselves the first settlers of this land. Their peoples can trace their lineage to a time before the scribes, when history was untold but for the tongues of the elders. First among their peers in culture, science, war, and peace.

Home of the Royal Kicker of Elves who wanders the land to lay his boot upon the elvish peoples. They are shockingly understanding, as well as Derixias Natheews, a brilliant inventor who was undone by hubris.


The famous Elra Bay, known as the "Bay of the Blind Fish" is the most well known and attractive portion of Elrich. Pristine water with lots of aquatic life living in harmony with their avian friends. Within that is the Great Elra Sandbar, at the mouth of the bay, keeps it safe for trading and has prevented seaborne attack of the palace for generations.

Northern Provinces of Elrich are collectively known as the 'Teba', home of the widest plains of their kingdom. The Ebic river is a geographic feature here, which is near the Boll hills and feeds into the Algon lake. None of these are in Elra but they would be only a few days journey away. The swamp is the furthest province of Elrich, known as the Riberta Swamp, and there have been wars with the mystic raccoon race for control of this area, which once nearly led to Elrich's greatest defeat but which became a national triumph.

Elra Royal Castle is the home of the royal cabbages and the families of royalty which have co-existed since time immemorial.

There are nine corners to Elrich, although nobody can quite explain why.


One of the most important things for any visitor to know is that the people of Elrich take the prohibition of vegetable consumption very seriously. Although you may be tempted to purchase some carrots or a beet at the open market, be aware that they are considered friends, not food.

Vegetarian restaurants do exist within the confines of the Kingdom, but beware that anyone caught by the royal guard in such an establishment faces certain doom in the dungeons below the Elra Royal Castle.

Art and science are prized among the Elrichian peoples and visiting their many museums will show not only their domestic creative output but those gained from others outside the Kingdom, whether through hook or crook. Heavy use of green and natural landscapes are cornerstones of their visual art, and one-story architecture with a homey simplicity is contrasted by the intricate brickwork of the Elra Castle.

The Royal Cabbage Gardens are the center of Elrichian political and religious life. Leafs from these well-kept veggies are sent to every temple in every town, while gaining the honor to meet the Gardeners and tour their works is the ultimate privilege. The people take very seriously their links to the veggies, and believe they have guided them to greatness.


As far back as people have lived upon the island Elra, there has been Elrich. It has provided not only the name of this land but shaped the cultures of all its neighbors and beyond. In the beginning, they were merely farmers and laborers content with hugging the coast and seeking but a meager existence.

It was then that the first King, Nadi, came to them from the sea. Claiming to be the master of all vegetation, it was he who forged the sacred link between the vegetative world and the coastal settlers. They pushed north, establishing their homeland and daring outsiders to throw them back towards the waves.

Although their wars with the mystics happened but a century ago, the peace in Elrich holds firm and despite their strength no other Kingdom has tried to engage in a contest of arms.

It is not proper to list the royal dynasties, as the heads of the Kings and Queens regularly roll at the pleasure of the Cabbage Garden.

Did Ya Know?

Although they have invested absolute power in their sovereign, there is a National Party which has been allowed to exist through various iterations, at the pleasure of the royal houses.

Recommended for all visitors.

All information in this guide has been curated by the Kingdom of Elrich Visitors and Tourism Council, deriving authority from the Brotherhood of Gardeners. The Elrichian Fifth Party has also viewed and approved the contents.

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