The Worm & The Crow
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The writhing worms

Long forgotten below the surface
Within their home of dampened soil
Crawling under murky ground
Below the land they do toil

Split in half, their body's strewn
The worms were one
The worms are two
Cruel beaks tear them asunder

Pecking at worms crow does delight
Perching high on darkened branches
Feasting of worm's corporeal blight
Mocking and biting at their pain

The worm's that live slowly retreat
They return to damp murky soil
Much flesh torn, soaked in defeat
Worms crawling, hiding, afraid

A worm grows spiteful of the bird
The crow consumes worms aplenty
A worm writhes no longer with his herd
Staring eyelessly upon the fiend

A single worm lets out a yell
The corvid stares with piercing gaze
"Monster returneth to thine hell!"
The devil caws and taunts the worm

In retort the worm speaks clear
"Art thou no more then my damnation?"
"Child of talon and air?"
"Have you come to feast or kill?"
"Why must you torture us?"
"I beseech thee feathered one"
"Hunger no more for the flesh of worm!"

The crow pecks upon the ground
An unheard cry, a plea, a whisper
A place where worms were once found
The Crow flies off to darkened marsh

The Crow & The Worm

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