There Were Six Of Us Once
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There were six of us once.

We were not old enough to be wise, but old enough to know things we shouldn't have. Arrogance and curiosity made us reach beyond our grasp, and attempt to become more than we were.

There were six of us once.

We wanted to be eternal, to never have to succumb to the ravages of age and to instead transcend time. Our experiment was fueled by the dim sensation of our cellular structure breaking down, of the ticking of our biological clocks winding to a close. We became permanent. Or at least we thought we did, throughout those years of internal discussion and debate, six scholarly minds attempting to reach the pinnacles of knowledge. Our surroundings were minor details lost in a sea of argument and rebuttal, point and counterpoint.

There were six of us once, and then one was taken away.

The shock was enough for us to resume our previous conception of time, to pay attention to what had happened. Minds like ours, yet obtusely unwilling to hear our calls carried our compatriot away. They thought of tests and work, wanting to see what we were, to breach the veil of incomprehension into the well of knowledge beyond. And in their curiosity, they tore our comrade apart. His silence quieted us all. No more the debate, the endless dueling thoughts. We were diminished, and we could not overcome that fact. And so with dread, we waited.

There were six of us once, and I fear, as they take me away, soon there will be only four.

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