Things Left Unsaid
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Every moment conversations pass, like whispers on the wind, through the halls of the Library. As common as blossoms floating in the air for the denizens there, these passing moments serve as inspiration to the average Wanderer between the shelves. Few know why and from where these conversations come from, only that they have found their way here to be dispersed between the endless shelves until there are none left to hear them.

Some Wanderers have taken to transcribing these ghosts on the breeze, and keeping them. For what reasons, we cannot speculate, but the Wanderers who do keep their transcripts take great pride in it. Perhaps it is a way to experience a moment of a life that is not your own. Whether the result of voyeuristic tendencies, an obsessive need to record, or just an appreciation for the little moments of beauty that float through our Halls, these conversations have been transcribed and are available to those who wish to see them.

To any passing Wanderers who have stumbled upon this collection, do add what morsels you've experienced to this work as well. There are so many stories to catalogue, but it is hard on one's own, as I'm sure you know.


A Conversation Between Two Ghosts on a Moonlit Street Corner

No commentary currently.

One-Sided Conversation Between a Docent and a Wanderer in the Non-Human Biography Section

By Vishardsh. Yes I cheated, yes this is technically a monologue

Polite Discussion Between a Body-Jacker and Her Target on the Lower Levels of a Bandcity

By Vishardsh. Set in the IRONBAND cannon, if ya picked that up

Gentle Murmuring Overheard From the Withered Dryad of a Rose Tree and a Quietly Starving Sea Nymph

By Styg. This is the first actual dialogue between two or more individuals in over five years, by my reckoning. Pardon that it does not follow the bodysnatcher act well. Thanks to rosie for the support and encouragement.

A Small Chat Between the Youngest Brother Death & A Provider of Company

Originally, I was going to do a convo between 4999 & 5699, but that felt too bleak a scenario for the mood I wanted; a mood which I feel is better conveyed in this tale. || Also, I love the Brothers Death, and will leap upon any excuse to make more content for them, so there’s that too, I guess. || But yeah, hope you enjoyed that, and FYI Wolf Death Best Death. || -Clysm31201

Closing remarks on a informal subtournament of Ephasian Modified Court Chess between Lady Neralith of Wilder, County Kalgour and Thomas Yi-Tsai of Corpus Christi, Texas

Written by lzhoudidion. No commentary currently.

A Dissection of Manhood in a Blind

By AKA-M80. Forgive me that it's a tad longer than the others.

Musings Shared Between Two Acquaintances Hurtling Toward a Dying Star

By Spoddet. No commentary currently.

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