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In a world that runs on cybernetics and bioaugmentations, the ultimate form of entertainment has arrived: brutal kaiju deathmatches.

Get ready to rumble! Welcome to TitanClash LIVE, your best source of information regarding all things titan. Our kaiju are just now taking the stage in cities of neon and islands of steel as the International Disaster Deathmatch League begins its brackets. Decked out in the latest technology or genetically modified to be the most deadly it can be, the kaiju here are as diverse and as varied as you can imagine. Everyone is sure to find a battle they'll find most entertaining here, so what are you waiting for? Get to your seats and lets get this show on the road! - the opening of last year's IDDL, hosted in Macau.

Welcome to the international database on kaiju management. We are so happy to have you join us today to learn more about our biggest growing industry.

To get us started, it is without a doubt that our world would not be what it is today without the advancements made in kaiju development, research, and utilization. From food production to protection to even entertainment, the kaiju have changed our world for the better. Colloquially known as titans, the documented history of relevant technological advancements can be read about below.


Since The 2003 Incident, where escaped kaiju wrecked havoc on international servers, we've lost nearly all of the original historical records that were kept on the kaiju. We've spent the past 200+ years since then advancing and making new discoveries, but success on restoring the old records has been limited at best. This has lead to there being many conflicting theories towards the origin of the kaiju, with magic, aliens, and technology being the most popular theories. While recent studies have shown they are not currently extraterrestrial in nature, and DNA testing has shown there was no preexisting animal the kaiju have evolved from, science has developed the kaiju genome to the point that the origins are often seen as irrelevant or as general speculation.

While we may never have one true answer on their creation, each kaiju development corporation has their own rich history about their discovery, development, and technological advancements. Those records are plentiful, and it is much easier to track the more recent impacts on society through the lenses of said corporations than it is to dig into the more murky past.

Relic Kaiju

One of the biggest pieces of kaiju history that we still have today are the relic kaiju. Using non-Earth technology that we've been unable to replicate, they can do things that science thought was never possible. The majority have been decommissioned; however, to utilize as historic teaching tools, or to fuel future research efforts to continue advancing our societal technology. Rarely, a select few are recommissioned for special event entertainment purposes. It is unknown how many relic kaiju exist beyond the ones documented in decommission records or that have been approved for entertainment.

Current Kaiju

Being a bioengineered creation, the kinds of kaiju vary greatly. Creatures that are heavily biological based, heavily technological based, or a hybrid of the two all exist, depending on the kaiju's intended purpose. Uses for kaiju include farming, large scale industrial work, deep-space mining, scientific study for advancement of biotechnology and biomedicine, and of course, entertainment, to name just a few.

Kaiju used for larger scale industrial work, mining, and certain farming applications tend to be larger than kaiju used for research and entertainment. Terrestrial kaiju are often no larger than the prehistoric dinosaurs, while aerial kaiju are often smaller and aquatic kaiju are larger. While older film and media loves its city sized kaiju, practical applications lead to smaller sizes being more efficient and cost effective.

Kaiju Laws and Regulations

Kaiju are dangerous entities, and need to be treated as such. Even if perfectly engineered for farming, they are large mechanical creatures with the ability to trample, maul, and easily injure humans and destroy property. Additionally, many kaiju are toxic to consume or will pollute waterways when decomposing, so proper disposal and recycling are critical.

Laws and regulations for kaiju vary by country, but to keep the general public safe, kajiu are often required to be registered, so many kaiju come with a kill switch, are carefully managed and monitored, and heavy fines along with jail time will result if there is misuse of kaiju or other relevant kaiju disasters. Please consult your local government authority for kaiju registration requirements.

While registration and management of kaiju is common place for kaiju entering tournaments or government workforce, there are underground companies that cut corners and illegally manufacture kaiju. These groups are to be reported, and supporting them will result in jail time. Please call our tip line if you have information regarding illegal manufacturing, fighting, disposal, consumption, or augmentation of kaiju.

Kaiju and You

The kaiju industry has led to thousands of jobs, resources, and entertainment for the general public. The most well known aspect of the industry being being the International Disaster Deathmatch League (IDDL), the largest and only internationally recognized kaiju fighting league. Happening every five years and lasting one year, one match happens every two weeks with time in-between for rebuilding the facade city. The host city rotates every time as well, with it being a big honor to be the city hosting that year. While the IDDL is a great part of the industry, did you know there are plenty of other, local industries you can join as well? Support one today by checking out the list below! Jobs opportunities are diverse, and a match can be made for everyone. Popular choices include:

  • Manufacturing and development
  • Design and concept creation
  • Event planning and corporate management
  • Religious oversight and theological study
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical study
  • …and many more!

Visit our job recruitment site to learn more about becoming an internationally recognized kaiju specialist.

Okay, but what actually is this?

This canon, titled TitanClash LIVE, is the hub of our third collaboratively-constructed canon, courtesy of the new Serpentine Sorting System. The full description of how this process works is available on that hub page, but the general gist is as follows:

  1. You submit writing prompts.
  2. We curate the prompts into a poll. You perform Democracy and whittle them down to a single survivor.
  3. This single prompt becomes the seed of a new canon. We nurture it. You discuss it on the Discord server.
  4. We curate your ideas into a hub, which with any luck you're currently reading. You write for this hub, and shape the new canon to your will. We update this page as more ideas are spawned and refined.
  5. The canon solidifies. Staff and users alike sit back and bask in the new writing. Everybody wins.

This prompt was provided by Din-BidorDin-Bidor, and won out of 64 submissions. The Curators of the canon are currently LAN 2DLAN 2D and meltedbeemeltedbee. Contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

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