To The Girl I Loved in August
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I lay down on my back, knife in your hands

My stomach is so soft, flesh and blood caressing the blade

Praying your fingers will slip

And brush

Inside of me

Your hands are hard and unforgiving

As they grip my insides

You're leaning all your weight on me

Crushing my lungs

My blue face stays warm

Basking in your light

I can see that gorgeous curve of your nose as you rummage around

A lock of your hair brushes my face

And I am content as you rip out my heart

I am content as your fingers dig into its tender meat

I am content to watch

as the blood drips down the throat of your lover

As I see your feet silently stalk behind her


I am content.

I remember how you laughed

And I can almost feel my heart throb again.

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