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Three people of whatever age.
Three panels by whoever made.
Three methods of each panel.
Three deaths for each mortal.
No reason how.
No reason why.
Three trapped all the same.
Never to see light again.

They enter the chamber.
And discover three panels.
One notices they can be pushed inward.
One tries to do so with great strain.
Two assists to achieve the main.
With success the panel enters its domain.
With horror three screams their name.
Two dashes away to safety.
One fails to do the same.

Two begs to end the pain.
Realising the fate in the main.
Three never says a thing.
Only watches yet again.
Two finally calms.
And opens the palms.
Three never says a thing.
Only watches yet again.
With hope lost.
And fear gained.
They decide to abandon the main.
And never see light again.

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