True Disciple
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The following item is a copy of a document in the possession of the Jailors. It is a single, short memoir written by Ferloth D'Agg, known to them formerly as SCP-8645, along with their brief notes and protocols regarding the document itself. The current state of Ferloth D'Agg is unknown, though he is likely dead.

My name is Ferloth D'Agg. I hail from the planet of Gyrell, in the Arcturius star cluster. I am the last of the original apostles of Jesus of Nazareth. This will most likely be the last document I ever write, and in it, I would like to summarize the story of my time here on Earth.

I was stranded on Earth after a system malfunction in my transport resulted in a swift loss of power, forcing me to land on this planet lest I die adrift in deep space. My reasons for traveling to Earth are complicated, with a great deal of political context, and would require an entire book to fully understand. To summarize, I was tasked with researching Earth, it being a planet capable of sustaining many forms of life, including my species. We were considering establishing diplomatic relations with it, or possibly invading it if it was determined to be valuable and the existing population put up resistance.

The people of Earth - you - were vaguely similar to myself, particularly in regards to our physiology. Four limbs, walking upright, two eyes, and so on. But the similarities mostly end there. Your skin is a solid color, usually a shade of peach or brown, and mine is a mix of violet patches atop a red canvas. You have tentacles on top of your head, but they're much smaller and far more numerous than mine. And of course you have noses, which I personally see as unnecessary.

The reason I say all of this is because I feel it's important to know the context for my arrival, and more importantly, know the distinctions between myself and your people, although my captors are aware of these differences already. I landed here sometime around three thousand of your years ago (coincidentally, this is almost exactly six thousand of my planet's years). While I would love to say that my initial experiences were pleasant, that would be a lie.

The wildlife and climate were hostile, but perhaps not as much as the humans. Everyone I met either ran away or attacked me, out of fear. If I could avoid settlements I would, but Earth's ecology would likely spell death for me. I usually spent my time in the outskirts of towns, where I would salvage what food I could. Eventually, I was able to make a small home for myself, and I even learned from watching other humans how to farm my own food. Their attitudes did not make me think highly of them, and I knew I would call for an invasion if I ever made it back to Gyrell.

That's how it continued for a thousand years or so. Word would get around, and most humans would avoid me, and I lived in peace. Unfortunately, that fear of me grew, until a mob assaulted my home, and I returned to wandering the slums of towns.

One day, however, my cycle changed. Sitting in an alley, with no one else in sight, I was nodding off to sleep. As I did so, I heard someone nearby say "Do not approach it, Lord. It is a monstrous thing."

I slowly opened my eyes. The voice I'd heard had come from my left, but the first thing I saw was the man in front of me. He had somewhat dark skin and a moderately-sized beard. He was dressed in plain white robes, which left nothing but his face and hands exposed. I gave a brief start when I saw him, but there was something different in his mannerisms. Unlike most people, who would only look at me in fear, he had a far different look to him. His face was contorted in an expression I'd never seen before - one which I'd later determine to be curiosity.

He looked at me for a moment longer before rising. He stretched his hand towards me. I hesitated for a moment, and then took it. He pulled me to my feet, then turned to his right. I turned as well, and saw a few other men dressed similarly to him peering at the two of us. Several of them had astonished or shocked faces, most of them betraying a fear I knew all too well.

The man who still grasped my hand addressed his entourage: "This is my Father's son. He is a brother like unto us." They remained still for a moment, before one of them said "Yes, Lord." The others nodded in agreement, although they still eyed me warily.

The man turned back to me. "Come," he said, "Let me shelter you." I didn't know what to say. I was astonished and confused, but he took me with him. Soon, I found myself sheltered, fed, and cared for. At one point, the shock overcame me, and I broke down in tears - something I soon learned I had in common with human beings.

The next day, the man, whose name I had learned was Jesus, asked me where I would like to go. He offered to give me money and supplies so that I could more easily function. However, I was impressed by his nature. He'd shown me a kindness I hadn't known in so long. I asked if I could stay with him, with his other followers. I knew many of them were still suspicious or fearful of me, but his charity far overcame that. I wanted to follow him as well, and to my surprise, he graciously accepted.

For a couple of years, that became my life, and I learned a great deal from it. Jesus displayed nothing short of the same kindness he gave me to everyone else. Even when his other follower disagreed, claiming that no good would come of it (and I confess I may have joined their concerns in some cases), he always took time to give to others. He claimed to be the son of a God, and while I remain skeptical of it in the literal sense, which he seemed to present, I could not argue that his charity was nothing short of celestial.

There were many folk who despised him. Some found his behavior or teachings foolish. Others found him blasphemous. In particular, many of them took issue with myself, and how Jesus would let me join him. There were many times I expected him to deny me or belittle me or even abandon me, but he never did.

The most horrible day of my long life came when he was executed. I was once again forced to retreat into the shadows, and while I was able to occasionally find shelter with some of Jesus' other followers, they began dwindling away as well, and eventually, I was the last disciple left.

For some time, I hid in the wilderness. I occasionally stole what I needed to from nearby towns, but for the most part, I kept to myself. I eventually settled down, hundreds of miles away. Many hundreds of years passed, with little to no change. I spent much of my time in hibernation, which I could thankfully do now that I had distanced myself from humanity and was no longer threatened. I'd long since abandoned hope of returning to my home planet, and any thought of either diplomacy or invasion were little more than a passing fantasy.

However, I finally decided to find a city, to see what had changed in civilization in my absence. I didn't expect to be welcomed back at all, but my curiosity overcame me. I eventually entered a large town, whose name eludes me; not much had changed technologically, but something seemed different. It wasn't until I came across a large building that I suddenly learned what great change had come over society, and my hearts were filled with joy.

In front of this building was a preacher, reading from a book. A crowd surrounded him, hanging onto his every word. I didn't recognize the book, but he spoke so many words that I was familiar with, words that I had heard straight from the mouth of whom the preacher was quoting. I listened for a long time, confirming that the book held the words of Jesus and his followers.

In my excitement and haste, I took off my hood and my wrappings. I exclaimed that I was one of Jesus' original apostles, Ferloth D'Agg. I expected the people to cheer in excitement. As strange as it may seem to them that I could live for so long, surely they would recognize me from that book's description of me, even if I hadn't heard my name yet.

But that wasn't the case. The crowd recoiled, held in a few brief moments of stunned silence, before entering into a panic. Some of them tried to flee, which fortunately blocked the way of those who were surging forward to take me. I immediately recognized my mistake and ran out of the city, being chased by a mob as I did.

I eventually lost them, and made the long trek back to my home. As I did, I remained baffled as to why they treated me the way they did. Surely they'd heard of me? That book certainly carried words I knew well. And even if they didn't know me from that book, wouldn't they have been taught that same kindness Jesus showed?

Soon, I resolved to go back and retrieve a copy of that book. Using the coverings which had let me enter the city last time, I was soon able to retrieve the book from one of the many churches with relative ease. I walked back home before opening it and reading it.

I was baffled by what I read. While much of the book detailed a history I was unfamiliar with, the ones pertaining to Jesus and his ministry were there, yet they were incomplete. There were many instances where I should have been mentioned, but I had instead been omitted. I worried that Jesus himself had perhaps had me removed from these pages, but that wouldn't make sense. Besides, I was not the only change in this book. Many other details had been removed or even changed entirely.

Had people found this book and changed it? I couldn't understand it. Why would they heed to some of these teachings and not others? For days I pondered over this, going through many emotions: despair, anger, confusion, frustration.

I don't know when I threw the book away. But I couldn't be with it any longer. It had been twisted and perverted, changed to still support kindness and love, but only for a limited scope. My love for Jesus, the only one who'd ever shown true kindness to me, remained unchanged, but I was left offended and angered by how these words had been mutilated.

I had lost hope in the world. I had lost hope in Jesus' followers. My story had ended. A short period of happiness being perverted and lost to the world. I became a hermit for the rest of my days, growing older and older, and avoiding all contact with humanity. I'd occasionally visit some town or city, but only briefly, and in spite of my common sense. I suppose my researcher's instinct still remained from when I first landed on this planet, and I was curious. I saw the world change. I saw words change. I kept learning, studying, but from a distance. Occasionally, I'd see some great change in the church of Jesus. Much of the time they changed for the better, but never to the point where they'd have me back.

After endless centuries passed, I was finally taken. This is where you come in, the Foundation. I will confess I expected worse from you. I expected to die. But I've been allowed to live, allowed to eat, even allowed to learn, although in complete solitude. I don't know why I'm here. I don't really care. I suppose I was always a prisoner, so really, not much has changed, although I do miss farming my food.

I wouldn't have thought to write this, however, had there not been some kind of change. I was trying to enter a period of hibernation, when I experienced a dream. I dream, similarly to humans, but my dreams are just as chaotic and meaningless most of the time. However, this one was far different.

I found myself in the alleyway, in the same place Jesus had first found me. And the same as then, he was crouched down in front of me, looking at me with the same curious expression. And just like then, he stood up, and stretched out his hand. I took it again, and he said the same words he said to me when we first met: "Come".

This time, there were no other disciples in the alley. It was only me and him. We stared at each other for a few moments, before I suddenly embraced him and broke down in tears. He held me too, and we simply stood there, hugging each other. Finally, I let go of him. There was so much I wanted to talk about, cry about, complain about, ask about, but it all came in one word: "Why?"

He looked at me with pity, and I realized I already knew the answer to that question. I shook my head in frustration and anger, but not at him. He put a hand on my shoulder, and I looked at him again. "I just wish I could change it," I said.

He nodded. "You can," he replied. He took my hand and walked down the alley with me. "Teach them, as I have taught you."

A pen and paper appeared in my hand, out of place from this time period so very long ago, yet I knew it was exactly what was needed. We turned the corner out onto the main road. There were no people there, but an archway stood in the middle of the street. A bright light emanated from it, but it wasn't painful. "Are you taking me?" I asked.

"Soon," he replied. He let go of my hand and walked towards the archway. As he did, its brightness grew. I didn't want him to go. I wanted to be with him. The light continued to grow, and I knew I would soon awaken, but I asked him one more question: "Who changed your words? And why?"

He turned back to me. His face was filled with sadness and disappointment. Finally, right before the light overtook us, he said, "I know them not."

I awoke from the dream. Immediately I requested that my captors give me something to write with, and they obliged. I had been able to learn English, what seemed to be the predominant language of this time, both before and during my captivity.

Now, I write to you. I write to humanity, or at least, to whichever humans read this. I do not know if the dream I had was truly some sort of message, or if it was merely my own mind's attempt at alerting me to what I needed to do. However, I do know that I have grown very, very old, and that I am approaching my long life's end.

I share my life's story with you in hopes that you learn what has been hidden from you. I knew the man that so many of you follow now. His single greatest lesson was love. He extended it to me, and in turn, helped me extend it to others. Perhaps I have been a hypocrite in my solitude, by not teaching the world, but I hope that this will perform that function, albeit very late. I am not here to preach of a religion or a doctrine; even I remain doubtful of the divine status of my teacher. But he taught a lesson of love, that both the faithful and the faithless should know. So many teachings have been lost and perverted by greed or anger, and I wish to at least teach this greatest lesson once more.

My final request to my captors is that this message is shared, in whatever way you're capable of. My lesson is in your hands, and while I cannot claim I've seen kindness, or even anything more than coldness, I hope that perhaps your mission and mine can parallel, at least this once. I only pray for the world to learn this most important lesson.

The above document was written by SCP-8645-N several days after it was initially contained within Site-120. Shortly after writing it, SCP-8645-N emitted an intense light before vanishing. While a medical analysis prior to its disappearance determined that its species may spontaneously and thoroughly combust upon death, lack of data means that it is uncertain if SCP-8645-N actually died, or if it met a different fate. However, it has not been seen since the event above, it was reclassified as Neutralized.

In regards to the document SCP-8645-N had written, its containment overseer, Dr. Lang, requested that the document be released to the public, per SCP-8645-N's written request. While this was dismissed, the O5 Council has determined that this document does not carry any sensitive information, beyond determining the existence of an anomalous entity, and permitted it to be released under Level 1 clearance, with all Foundation staff having access to it.

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