Two Rabbits
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Excerpt from A collection of dreams: thoughtforms, dream magic, astral projection (and their use in oneiropsychology) by Dr Haskell Cornell

Two Rabbits

Transcript Audio Dream Journal

<Begin Transcript>

It's February 4th, 2016, five AM. [yawns] I dreamt that I was in a long hallway, where the walls were overgrown with vines and luminescent moss, and vegetation arched above me. Behind me was a wall made of vines. With nowhere to go but forward I went down the hall. Far ahead of me I saw a silhouette with two long protrusions coming from the top of its head. It leapt to the left. I decided to follow the silhouette.

Foliage grew thicker over the walls and turned into a tunnel. Light from luminescent mushrooms and moss slowly throbbed. The tunnel opened into a vine and moss covered room. In the middle of the room sat the silhouette. It looked like the rabbit from a piece of art my friend shown me yesterday. I told her that the picture was a gender mood.

The rabbit in the center of the room hopped toward me. Slowly, I took a step toward it. Lowering my hand I cooed, "Hi bunny!" It sniffed my hand, and I poked its snout. A small sigil of Cancer made of fire appeared over the rabbit's head . It hopped and twisted in midair. When it reached the ground it honked with joy and sprinted off toward a wall of vegetation.

The vines making the wall drew back, creating a tunnel for the rabbit to sprint through. I rushed to follow it. I felt compassion— I felt like I could run forever! It then darkened to the point I could barely see its sigil ahead. A branch was stuck in the ground ahead of me and I tripped. It had torn my skin; I felt no desire to acknowledge the pain. I simply continued running. The rabbit had stopped for a moment when I fell. When I rose it hopped off again. I followed it further into the hallway.

After what felt like ten minutes, ahead I saw silver light trickle through the thick flora. More luminescent moss and mushrooms grew. I could see the rabbit and its floating sigil. In the light of the moon its fur shone auburn.

Dew and then frost formed over the vegetation. Vines and branches grew closer together, choking the moonlight. It got colder and darker. The rabbit continued sprinting and its sigil was far enough that I couldn't follow the flame. I continued forward in complete darkness.

[hums start as the dreamer's heater turns on]

It was colder and I felt snow on my skin. I continued forward. It grew colder and I wished I had a coat. I continued forward. Shivering, the cold bit and burned my skin. I continued forward. My limbs started to lose feeling. I continued forward.

Five minutes trudging through the cold I heard a loud thump, followed by a short honk to my right. I stopped and shuffled in the direction of the sound. The tunnel split, and I followed the noise. Light and heat slowly returned. The dim light grew into a raging fire as I approached. Flames engulfed the tunnel. On the other side of the fire I saw the rabbit sitting. The sigil was no longer above its head. It watched me.

[humming stops]

I held my breath and ran through the fire. My once numb skin was jolted awake by burning heat. It was sharp as it consumed my body. Clenching my jaw, I continued forward.

I reached the end of the fire. My skin cooled and the pain diminished.

The rabbit hopped away again and I followed. After what felt like a few minutes the moss and mushrooms grew back. Even with their light I tripped on another branch. I huffed. Picking myself up, I limped for a few feet and then continued running.

The foliage lessened. Ahead of me sunlight seeped through vines and branches. It felt like early morning. Ahead of me the sigil-less rabbit hopped. The tunnel morphed back into a flora covered hallway. The hallway led to another room. In the middle of the room was the rabbit.

Slowly, it approached; I kneeled down and reached out my hand. It poked my finger. A small flaming thaumic sigil of Leo appeared floating above the rabbit. It hopped and half-twisted in the air. Honking happily, it hopped toward a wall. The wall of vine opened to a new hallway.

I followed it. More sunlight trickled through the vegetation and I could see that it terminated at another wall. In the distance I could make out two brown shapes. As I approached the end of the hallway the sunset and the tunnel was lit by dusk and moss. My eyes adjusted. Sitting before me were two rabbits sharing a dandelion. One rabbit had a thaumic sigil of Cancer floating above its head. The other rabbit had a sigil of Leo hovering as well. Both rabbits had the thaumic symbol for 'spirit' on their heads.

The rabbits began grooming each other, I woke up… and started recording this.


Now I'm going back to sleep.

<End Transcript>

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