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One of the countless iterations of Earth in the multiverse, this planet is distinct because it completely lacks a veil separating the mundane from the supernatural. Here, monsters of legend mingle with humans as equal citizens, and magic is a part of everyone's lives, even if they aren't a mage.


Remnants: How strong is the desire for revenge?
Transcript: A glimpse into a disordered mind.
The First Shot: Reminisce about the past.
Animated: See how new cartoons are made.
Heist: An unusual job for an unusual client.

The World

Enotita is the main setting of these stories. A country made up of all the islands and underwater settlements within the Eurasian Mediterranean Sea, as well as the areas of Europe that correspond to Greece and Italy in our world. The country is a true melting pot, where citizens are treated equally regardless of their species, race, gender, religion, or orientation, and laws against bigotry protect citizen rights. Though this doesn't fully remove conflict between individuals along these lines, it does help society run smoother. Though nothing is stopping others from taking leadership roles, most government positions in Enotita are filled by gorgons, the species who founded Enotita centuries ago.

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