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Though your trail was cut for you
And another flew it first
You blazed no less

You could not be diminished. You refuse
Even today to laze
Ceaselessly reaching for your next revelation
To shine your saffron beam, tip the box
And upend the contents into understanding

Golden-cheeked and bustling
The tiny bird backyardside in the late-spring sun
Hangs inverted from the feather-mesquite
Chipping and peeping, undoing the beancoats
Prizing the beetles inside. Always searching

For more, to know, to find
As your hands are ever lofted. As your
Eyes ever cast about, aglimmer
You wonder. You stretch your arms
And attain. You stretch your arms
And embrace

My tiny one
May your heart ever be gentle
May your legs ever propel you
And may your mind ever wander and dream

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