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City of mother Vayesh
Bricks were made of bone
Binder was flesh
Our enemies' tombstone

Roads made of teeth
Blood pouring from fountains
Red walls of meat
Hidden in the mountains

That was the capital
Of the Vayesh clan
Till the docile animal
Turned against the good man

Our fleshcraft conquered
Our city was an arm
Our children sequestered
We sounded the alarm

Then their gods came
And slaughtered the survivors
Our metropolis aflame
Only alive in the mind of writers

No more of the lungs
To upholster our chairs
Nevermore of the tongues
That garnished our stairs

They destroyed the curtains
Made out of hair and skin
Chopped the remains
Of the Human Head Tree kin

As Visviseha perished
We started to run
How were they so hellish?
How could they have won?

They were our slaves
Nälkä led by Ion
Now in the city are the graves
Of people of our own

No more city of flesh
No more city of bones
It's our time to rest
This is our tombstone

Unknown Author, translated from deavic glyphs by Π1

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