Vladimir Stane
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There was once a small boy named Vladimir Stane,
he lived in house across from Sycamore lane,
he just couldn't fall asleep, with the pattering of the rain,
so he lay in his bed till the Ol' Biglio came.

Ol' Biglio came, Ol' Biglio crept,
like a cryptic, vile, criminal, Vlad's covers he swept,
now awake and cold Vladimir leapt,
with all this noise how could he have slept?

Ol' Biglio peered and gave Vlad quite a scare,
his gangly, fleshy limbs, how his bones just lay bare,
his eyes shone like hellfire, he had maggots for hair,
but his breath smelled of peaches, quite dandy and fair.

He beckoned young Vlad down into his lair,
and to Vlad's surprise under his bed were some stairs,
he crawled underneath, when he heard a fanfare,
and he saw the beasts of Hades dancing, in lace underwear.

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