WanderCon 2021

That's right ladies and gentlemen, you know what time it is! The shelves are swinging, the docents are grooving, the archivists are slightly less irritable than they normally are! People come from all over the multiverse every year for this, and you're not going to want to miss it! Meet your favorite writers and get photos with them! There will be book signings, book readings, and book mournings for those volumes we have so tragically lost. Best of all for this year and this year only we will be offering a very special deal: describe your ideal author, and we'll bring them here for an official handshake and greetings ceremony. All for the low, low price of your deepest, darkest secret. The multiverse is infinite after all, so if you can think of a writer, we can find them. Oh yes. We'll find them.



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FIRST PLACE: But man is a Noble Animal, AVERAGE 18.4
Sole Singularity: The Works of Cyren Pligmolon
Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck - LimeyyLimeyy - R4_EXR4_EX - JakdragonXJakdragonX

SECOND PLACE: Be Gay Do War Crimes, AVERAGE 15.8
IRIS FALL: Zrnyowycz Revisited
A Random DayA Random Day - minminminmin - TaffetaTaffeta - TyGentlyTyGently

THIRD PLACE: Fear and Loathing, AVERAGE 15.2
Fear and Loathing in the Wanderers' Library
Din-BidorDin-Bidor - Snapdragon133Snapdragon133 - SeraphannimSeraphannim - KlausTheClosetKlausTheCloset

Well done, Wanderers!


Welcome to the Wanderer's Library first ever collaborative contest. As that implies, you will work together with other users to create a hub for a collective group of stories, which will when then be posted under the Series > Collections tab. Your goal is simple: to come up with a fictional author whose works can be found in the Wanderer's Library. These works should be connected by things such as style, theme, setting, etc (not necessarily all of these), and you will write them for other people to read.

What is an Author?

An author is someone who writes. Even you! But here we have something more specific in mind. The Library, being nearly infinite, contains many volumes of writing by (almost) anyone who has put a pen to page. They are neatly sorted in some way understood only by the highest level archivists, and if you know how to look for them you can create a collection. We are going to be creating such collections. First, come up with an idea for your author. Where are they from? Why did they start writing? What do they write? What was their life like? Then your team will create works that can be attributed to that author. As mentioned above, these works must be cohesive in some way - after all, every great writer has their own style. The nature of that cohesiveness is up to you. For example, your author may write love poems, or a history of a war fought between rival planets, or categorize various magical herbs and spices. Basically, come up with a one sentence answer to the question "what does your author write about?" and use that as a basis going forward. Go wild with it! Be creative as you want, just make sure it all fits together.


  1. Your team must consist of 3 to 4 people. No person can be a member of multiple teams.
  2. Each team member must post at least one entry to the site as part of the contest. New authors are allowed. Collaborations are allowed, but in addition to these each member must have at least one page that is primarily or solely written alone.
  3. Each team must post at least five entries total.
  4. Each work must be original and developed specifically for the contest. Do not use pre-existing drafts.
  5. Each team must post a hub page which includes: a) a description/biography of your author b) a section for listing entries by the author c) a guide for non-team members who would like to write entries for the author's page after the contest ends.
  6. Entries that reach the deletion vote range do not count towards your team's 5 post minimum. They will not be deleted until the end of the voting period, after the winner has been announced. Outside of small spelling/grammar/formatting fixes, you may not edit after posting.
  7. Midnight EST August 1st to 23:59 EST August 13th will be for team formation. No entries may be posted at this time. To be eligible for the contest, you must make an edit to this page under the "Teams" section using the format provided. You may start writing as soon as your team is formed.
  8. Midnight EST August 14th to 23:59 EST September 11th will be for posting entries. You may post, comment, and vote on entries at this time.
  9. Midnight September 5th to 23:59 EST September 26th will be for voting. You may vote and comment, but new entries cannot be posted during this time period.
  10. Final scores will be determined by the average of the five highest scoring entries your team submits at the moment of midnight September 20th.
  11. Entries must be new and original. Preexisting drafts are not allowed.
  12. No shenanigans. What shenanigans entail is determined entirely by staff, but includes vote manipulation, excessive spamming of your entries, and things of that nature. If you are unsure whether something is considered shenanigans or not, message rumetzenrumetzen or RounderhouseRounderhouse.


Winning teams will receive:

First place: Each team member will be given a 15 dollar gift card to bookshop.org.
Second place: A custom CSS theme for your hub page (or other prize, as appropriate).
Third place: A portrait of your artist for your hub page (or other prize, as appropriate).

In addition, all three placing teams will be featured on the front page.


Team Name: But man is a Noble Animal
Members: Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck, JakdragonXJakdragonX, R4_EXR4_EX, LimeyyLimeyy
Author Name: Cyren Pligmolon
Author Theme: Solemn walks through post-singularity Earth.

Team Name: Fear and Loathing
Members: Din-BidorDin-Bidor, Snapdragon133Snapdragon133, SeraphannimSeraphannim, KlausTheClosetKlausTheCloset
Author Name: Duke Gathers
Author Theme: Gonzo and Mondo Film Journalism.

Team Name: 19,840
Members: ArgonMighty does not match any existing user name, Gelbsucht_IEGelbsucht_IE, EgileyeEgileye, AverusAverus
Author Name: H39DAS-49LLWP "Heinlein"
Author Theme: Historical fiction written by an error in a galactic collective.

Team Name: Team Team
Members: Azamo does not match any existing user name, LuxaikoLuxaiko, HarryBlankHarryBlank, totallynotenbytotallynotenby
Author Name: Lady Fuchs
Author Theme: Weird and wonderful astrozoology.

Team Name: Three Cute Best Friends
Members: larmandlarmand, Unisaurio_AmorfoUnisaurio_Amorfo, Deedee2Deedee2
Author Name: Luó Jiaying
Author Theme: The things you would hope not to see in the medical system.

Team Name: Luminous Flying Cat
Members: OriCatOriCat, IndicesIndices, Lt FlopsLt Flops, RigenRigen
Author Name: The Silver’d Fabulist
Author Theme: “Mortaltales: Otherworldly folklore for Alagaddan edification.”

Team Name: Reading Not Required
Members: Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby, DysadronDysadron, PedagonPedagon, weizhongweizhong
Author Name: Shiloh A. Wrun
Author Theme: FORBIDDEN

Team Name: Heaven and Earth
Members: Cole 13Cole 13, Dr BalsterDr Balster, Maxyfran73Maxyfran73, Veralta does not match any existing user name
Author Name: Tianhong
Author Theme: A tennin descends to Earth and reflects on the changing human landscape.

Team Name: Be Gay Do War Crimes
Members: A Random DayA Random Day, minminminmin, TaffetaTaffeta, TyGentlyTyGently
Author Name: Iris Fall
Author Theme: Exposés from the Zrnyowycz trenches.

Team Name: Thought and Mind
Members: YellowBlueSixtyFourYellowBlueSixtyFour, whatisgonewhatisgone, NyeloNyelo
Author Name: Katherine Wolff
Author Theme: Looking through their lies, I found beauty.

Team Name: Sintoburi
Members: Agent_WandererAgent_Wanderer, Aiken DrumAiken Drum, fluxmanfluxman, thd-glassesthd-glasses
Author Name: Kim Jiseok
Author Theme: Man and Soil

Team Name: 4 demons in a trench coat
Members: Dr Whitney does not match any existing user name Its a Bad IdeaIts a Bad Idea WizzBlizzWizzBlizz TyumenTyumen
Author Name: Unconfirmed
Author Theme: Maybe collecting bones in your closet isn’t so morally correct…

Team Name: [No Name Entered]
Members: SunnySundaysSunnySundays, WesbotWesbot, SnailemailSnailemail, YocahuYocahu
Author Name: Nameless
Author Theme: Explorations of the Library's hidden cultures

Team Name: The Prometheus Complex
Members: lilbbroccoli57lilbbroccoli57 margssentifmargssentif ThatDudeOverThereThatDudeOverThere
Author Name: Harvey Ternal MD
Author Theme: Psychoanalysis for Immortals

Team Name: ☌⚚♄♅☴-⊕☉⊥♅♃ ☤♰⚎⚋⊗'☵⚚
Members: LAN 2DLAN 2D ResearcherLiResearcherLi GlitchyMemoriesGlitchyMemories interstellarsheepinterstellarsheep
Author Name: SEMELIEL
Author Theme: Contrary to popular belief, the void is far from silent.

Team Name: Bacon
Members: PlaguePJPPlaguePJP AnActualCrowAnActualCrow J DuneJ Dune
Author Name: Hunter S. Mann
Author Theme: The best monster hunter there was and ever will be.

Team Name: Dinky Thoughts
Members: Lord Toademort Lord Toademort , Namor EliasNamor Elias, TheWanderingFateTheWanderingFate
Author Name: Barnaby Wolfheim
Author Theme: A great describer of things and events with a very hazy recollection.

Team Name: Probably Easier
Members: spottedthospottedtho, dawsyldawsyl, caffoicaffoi
Author Name: Jasper Wynn
Author Theme: How do you think the world moves on without you?

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