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waxahachie, i'm scared.
your heart's still beating
but you're barely breathing,
your eyes are open
but you don't see me,
and the senator is telling me
that you don't have much more time.

waxahachie, i love you.
i would walk two thousand miles
on a trail of uranium fire
just to be held by you.
i could fight in every office
and endure every cancer
if it meant that i could lie with you
and hear your heartbeat.

waxahachie, i'll miss you.
i weep every night
because i know that i'll never
hear your soft humming
as you have your morning coffee,
or see your eyes power on
as we hold hands
strolling along the boardwalk,
or feel your soft metal skin
as we hold each other
in bed after rainy days
ever again.

waxahachie, i don't know what i'll do.
my plans are in pieces,
my words are all useless,
i have visions of myself
as a lonely old man
with no children, no colleagues,
just a small room
full of old photos
of you.

waxahachie, my hope is all gone.
all i can pray for
is some time in the future
when i can leave this world
and walk through the light
to see you again
in a place
where everybody loves you
and nobody needs
to free up space in their budget
and your warm embrace
is mine to feel

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