A Selection of Wayward Prayers
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Prayer Origin: Steven Reft
Prayer Recipient: Kolash, the Blood God
Prayer Method: A circle drawn in untouched salt doused with the blood of a lamb killed before its first bleat.
Purpose: Steven has reported enmity with his coworker, Sally White. He requested that Kolash the Blood God kill Sally via "ripping her limb from limb, draining her blood, painting it on the walls for all the office to see! Boil her skull and burn her brains! Show her what happens when she turns in her accounting sheets late! Show them all the glory of Kolash!"
Prayer Status: Declined
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: N/A
Additional Notes: Kolash has declined this prayer on the grounds that, as the god of blood, it is her job to make sure it stays where it belongs (inside its owners' bodies). She also stated that she is appalled she received a request of this nature and asked that all further prayers from Steven be discarded.

Prayer Origin: Riley Pyne
Prayer Recipient: Hosin, God of the Flock
Prayer Method: A stray thought after a day of hard labor.
Purpose: Riley expressed a desire to eat chicken. The exact content of the prayer was "I'm so hungry, I could probably eat a thousand chickens. I pray that I have enough food at home."
Prayer Status: Fulfilled
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: 1,000 live chickens have been sent to Riley's single-bedroom apartment.
Additional Notes: Hosin has expressed confusion as to how a lone human could slaughter, cook, and eat a thousand chickens for a single meal. He was subsequently informed that Riley likely only intended to cook and eat the chickens himself, as it is not his profession to slaughter them. Hosin sent an additional 1,000 dead chickens as an apology.

Prayer Origin: Kathryn Doyle
Prayer Recipient: Arica Pal, Mother of Happy Accidents
Prayer Method: A spoken word at an altar to a false god.
Purpose: Kathryn has expressed disgust at her neighbor's lemon poppyseed muffins that are set to be sold at the neighborhood bake sale.
Prayer Status: Fulfilled
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: Kathryn's neighbor won the lottery.
Additional Notes: The funds that were intended to be raised at the bake sale were acquired via the lottery. As such, the bake sale was cancelled, and the muffins were discarded. Arica Pal stated that she "didn't actually care about fulfilling the prayer" and "only wanted to reward the neighbor for making some good muffins".

Prayer Origin: Riley Pyne
Prayer Recipient: Jylesh, The Hunter
Prayer Method: A scream of frustration.
Purpose: Riley requested aid in removing an excessive amount of chickens from his residence. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OR ILL HUNT YOU DOWN I SWEAR TO GOD" was the exact prayer.
Prayer Status: Fulfilled
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: 200 wolves have been sent to Riley's residence to consume the excess chickens.
Additional Notes: Riley appeared to express extreme dissatisfaction from this prayer fulfillment. However, Jylesh declined to send additional wolves, as the current wolves will likely struggle to find adequate prey after the chickens have been consumed. Additionally, Jylesh was offended by Riley's lack of gratitude toward the prayer fulfillment, and strongly considered asking his wolves to hunt Riley.

Prayer Origin: Marianne Frank
Prayer Recipient: Phorm, God of Fire
Prayer Method: A burning circle of firewood with three rocks in the center.
Purpose: Marianne requested that Phorm send her "a friend."
Prayer Status: Declined
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: N/A
Additional Notes: Phorm declined to fulfill this prayer, as a fire elemental would likely endanger Marianne. Additionally, Phorm already considers Marianne to be a friend, and believes that this was only an elaborate a way to ask Phorm to "hang out". Phorm prepared a picnic basket and had lunch with Marianne the next day.

Prayer Origin: The first beavers, millennia ago
Prayer Recipient: Holan, God of Civilization
Prayer Method: Three carvings in the oldest tree of the forest.
Purpose: The beavers reported a dislike of the river going through their forest, as it was fast flowing and difficult to cross. The exact content has been omitted due to excessive use of offensive slurs targeting rivers.
Prayer Status: Fulfilled
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: Beavers taught to build dams.
Additional Notes: Holan reported that the beavers were "excellent students" and was excited to teach them how to build hydroelectric power plants. However, the Divine Council intervened, as it was believed the beavers would not use electricity in good faith. The beavers are encouraged to make a formal apology towards rivers regarding their initial prayer if they wish to contest this decision.

Prayer Origin: Riley Pyne
Prayer Recipient: Yloth, God of Dreams
Prayer Method: A pained cry in the third hour of the night.
Purpose: Riley has requested that his nightmare of being overwhelmed with wolves and chickens be ended.
Prayer Status: Declined
Actions Taken to Fulfill Prayer: N/A
Additional Notes: Yloth declined this prayer on the grounds that Riley's abundance of wolves and chickens was reality, and not a dream as is Yloth's domain. Riley has been blacklisted from the prayer system due to overuse, and it is recommended that all gods discard any future prayers from Riley. This blacklist is set to expire three eons after Riley's death in the mortal world.

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