We Are Forgotten
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The Earth is strange to me.
Why is the air so thin?
Where are the forests of horsetails?

Huge creatures,
covered in hideous offal,
Roam the landscape.

Ice covers the poles,
Our cousins work as one,
Visiting brightly colored… things.

And monsters—
Monsters that wear other skins—
Rule over all.

My children—
Where are they?
What has happened to them?

My children—
They were giants,
But now their children…

They are but dwarves!
Crushed under the feet of monsters!
You spare them no second thought!

They were glorious once.
Once they crushed monsters,
And spared you no second thought.

Why can't any of you,
Not even a single one,
See me?

Are you all blind?
Am I even here?

You have forgotten my children,
Despite your words,
And in spite of your books.

Do you even know we are gone?
Everything's so different…

Maybe none of us have a place here.

Maybe it is best that we are forgotten.

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