We're Hungry
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We’re hungry. I wonder when we’ll get fed. We-

That cord. It’s that cord. The one that means we’ll be let out, all at once. Oh good, they’re putting it around body’s neck! That’s good, that’s good. Most of us like that. Almost all of us like that. Fear doesn’t, and domicility doesn’t either. But freedom likes it, and body likes it! And they’re the strongest, so we listen to them. Outside! Outside! We’re going outside!

Body really likes this. I can feel it in him. He likes stretching his legs, and bounding about. It's fun to run around.

We can feel it. Foresight’s screaming. He’s small, and pathetic, but he’s screaming so loudly. We wish he'd stop. He's screaming so loudly. He’s making body sad, and freedom is screaming back at him. He always does this. Most of us hate him. Oh good. Moment’s making him shut up. We hate foresight.

We’re back inside now. I wonder when this happened. Memory? Do you know? No. Memory’s small too. Like foresight. Useless. But we don’t hate memory, because he doesn’t scream.

Food. We like food. Body likes food especially, and we want to make body happy.

Hungry. We haven’t been fed. I can feel scent moving to the front. Looking out. We’re hungry.

So hungry.

Why haven’t we been fed?

Scent. Scent is screaming now. We respect scent, so we listen. He knows something. Something bad. A bad smell. Like… like…

It’s bright. The eyes see bright… it hurts. Body is hurting. And scent is still screaming. Memory knows what it is. “Ash,” he’s yelling. “Ash and fire and charring and pain and make it stop and stop it stop it.”

It’s stopped hurting. What’s going on? Foresight’s here. He knows what it is. He saw it. Saw that-

Body is gone. We

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