What is Love?
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To brew a charm of passion pure
perhaps also a heartache cure
pick stems of sage where flowers grow
stir in two cups of fallen snow

Steep in extract of lemon tree
with lotus root and stir slowly
add seaweed gathered at high tide
boil it slow and set aside

Blackberries ripened in full sun
for best results, add only one
an ounce of fresh cinnamon sticks
crush and add to the other mix

Two petals of a dark red rose
salt of the sands where sea wind blows
from the belov’d, a strand of hair
from their lover, a breath of air

A serpent’s claw and dragon scale
hornet’s sting and butterfly tail
feather of angels high above
poor fool, you thought you could brew love?

- discovered in an otherwise blank book found in a condemned greenhouse

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