Library Wing Two

Second Wing: The Sea of Words

Welcome aboard, Wanderer! Only adventurous souls in the Library venture this far from the safety of the shelves on the shore. But the Sea of Words offers a different reading experience entirely, one floating off the concepts and sentences tossed overboard by overzealous editors. A massive bright-blue sea — or lake, or ocean, nobody's quite sure — placed right in the middle of the Library. Countless dinghies, yachts, and trimarans dot the surface, along with a few larger vessels. They're all the shared property of the Library - feel free to take one out to learn its story. Under the waves, an entire world teems with life and narrative. Bookshelves lining the seabed, fish subsisting off punctuation, Librarians evolved to service those patrons (and books) that require a wetter environment. Dive in and pull out a book about the trials and tribulations of the microscopic life, or dip your own story into the waters and sea how it changes. But be careful - it might look calm and sunny now, but the weather can change in an instant. You don't want to be caught in a typephoon, do you?

SW 0.00 - 0.99: The Dhow of Littoria's Shelf

It has long since been sunk. The reeds wave around its prow, stroking the stern's sharp claw. But once it snarled through the ashen seas, the map's invisible lines stroking its brow, casting it along the trade routes, the coasts, the gold-dust dredged from under-coloured beaches…

SW 0.00: Twin Notions of Catastrophised Time

SW 0.1: Observer Compendium I-1
SW 0.2: Middle Yanji Road
SW 0.3: Mors Semper Vincit
SW 0.4: Built to Last
SW 0.5: R'lyeh Noir
SW 0.6: Daphnis, Chloe, and the Cornucopia Eternal
SW 0.7: Conversations between a Priest and a Nonbeliever
SW 0.8: Source
SW 0.9: At the Edge of the Universe, Humming a Tune
SW 0.10: Til Death do us part.
SW 0.11: Put Down The Phoenix
SW 0.12: The Last Ingot
SW 0.14: Basilica II
SW 0.15: A Star Called Resurrection
SW 0.16: Houses And Death
SW 0.17: Meditations on Sensation
SW 0.18: A Conversation About Being
SW 0.19: The Poet's Dream
SW 0.20: The Old Must Not End
SW 0.21: Disquietude
SW 0.22: Sing For Me, Grandmother
SW 0.23: Old Ghost
SW 0.24: Misotheism: Part Two
SW 0.25: Observer Compendium I-2
SW 0.26: Observer Compendium I-3
SW 0.27: The Watchman
SW 0.28: Wormwood
SW 0.29: Peeping Tom
SW 0.30: Ramblings Of A Retired Tramp
SW 0.31: Don't Know My Own Name
SW 0.32: The Last Rumblings of a Proud Old Man
SW 0.33: Echoes of the Searing
SW 0.34: The Bookburner
SW 0.35: A Line Through The Oasis
SW 0.36: Holian's Heretical Hagiographies, Chapter 12: Milksaint Carvery
SW 0.37: "Ha"
SW 0.38: A Beast That Fell in the Desert
SW 0.39: Dance of the Fair-Folk
SW 0.40: To Burn A While Longer
SW 0.41: Another Interpretation of Multiplicity
SW 0.42: An Architect's Notions of The City
SW 0.43: The Death of Sanity
SW 0.44: What lies here kills the body.
SW 0.45: Fear and Vyodiea
SW 0.46: A Gloriously Short Life
SW 0.47: Nej, Second Rotation, 5099
SW 0.48: What couldn't be done for me
SW 0.49: Past And Future
SW 0.50: Reginald's Reign
SW 0.51: One Memory in Dark Waters
SW 0.52: To Look Up in a Forest of Giants
SW 0.53: Dried Leaves
SW 0.54: A Wanderers' Guide To First Aid In The Library
SW 0.55: The Last Soldier
SW 0.56: The River
SW 0.57: Poem found on a crumpled notecard
SW 0.58: Sushi
SW 0.59: Should We Wander?
SW 0.60: On Homer
SW 0.61: Cold Mornings
SW 0.62: A Doomed Sailor's Words
SW 0.63: Soot, Steel, and Stories
SW 0.64: Ambrose Wanderers' Library
SW 0.65: Dust and Starlight
SW 0.66: A Letter
SW 0.67: Freedom's Legacy
SW 0.68: Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
SW 0.69: Crossway Print: Issue #003
SW 0.70: Encounters in the Deep Wood
SW 0.71: Damnatio, In Memoriam
SW 0.72: Forever Mankind
SW 0.73: Changelings, You and I
SW 0.74: Conversation Between the Bereaved
SW 0.75: A hard drive with the words “a story” scratched onto the case
SW 0.76: the internal conflicts of a woman on the subway
SW 0.77: Statues
SW 0.78: Requesón
SW 0.79: The Man in the Cot
SW 0.80: Elsewhere
SW 0.81: Two Pendejos in a Pod
SW 0.82: A Traveler's Transaction
SW 0.83: Manhunt
SW 0.84: A Dance Between Flesh And Steel
SW 0.85: Dance
SW 0.86: Spite
SW 0.87: Door to Stranger Stars
SW 0.88: Clear Blue Skies
SW 0.89: Joy Comes to me in Different Shades of Red
SW 0.90: A House of Raindrops
SW 0.91: Corpse of a Bonfire
SW 0.92: Her, Moonlit
SW 0.93: Just A Triq
SW 0.94: Until Morning
SW 0.95: Golden Morning
SW 0.96: Fearful, We Looked On
SW 0.97: A Stain Upon the Earth
SW 0.98: Courting the Dark Lady
SW 0.99: Umbral

SW 1.00 - 1.99: The Shelf of Fabled Shores

Ideas and stories have a tendency to float across the Ways until they end up drifting ashore here. Books, scrolls, and tomes of all kinds outnumber the grains of sand in this coastal area of the Library. But wanderers should be cautious, sometimes things can be washed up that were best left to the depths.

SW 1.00: Enter the Garden

SW 1.1: The Songbird
SW 1.2: Mihashirabō Presents "Mind Your Decisions"
SW 1.3: Blood of the Oppressor
SW 1.4: One Good Meal To Last A Lifetime
SW 1.5: A Wanderers' Guide To First Aid In The Library: Aquatic Regions
SW 1.6: The Warmth of the Other
SW 1.7: Why We Wander
SW 1.8: The Lion Bleeds Stark Epiphanies
SW 1.9: Smooth Stones
SW 1.10: Symbols of Reverie
SW 1.11: A Note to my Muse
SW 1.12: It Heralds the Beyond, Inescapable.
SW 1.13: Ambrose Wanderers' Library: A Review
SW 1.14: Stygian Blues
SW 1.15: Echoes and the Desert
SW 1.16: Dandelions
SW 1.17: Pygmalion, my love
SW 1.18: one by one
SW 1.19: An Open Letter to All Lovers
SW 1.20: In The Black Sea
SW 1.21: Dysgeusia
SW 1.22: Sundown Powered by Microsoft Excel
SW 1.23: Twist
SW 1.24: Watching from the City
SW 1.25: Pictures of Her True Son
SW 1.26: The House of Hebenon
SW 1.27: Sonorous
SW 1.28: Cyclical
SW 1.29: the Sculpture from Earth,the King from Faith
SW 1.30: The Idiot King and The Dragon - from "The Legend of Knight Sieghart and Other Tales"
SW 1.31: Reflections of an Arsonist
SW 1.32: Blank Space
SW 1.33: Caelus Fell
SW 1.34: The Window of the Stars
SW 1.35: Delusions
SW 1.36: With Highway Brushfires Like Golden Grain
SW 1.37: Kidney Stone
SW 1.38: Nowhere Express
SW 1.39: Dim Dreams
SW 1.40: Strawberries
SW 1.41: Community Gardens
SW 1.42: Death Of A Death
SW 1.43: I love you how the ant loves the boot
SW 1.44: Chern
SW 1.45: Biopunked
SW 1.46: Fireworks at Midnight
SW 1.47: Biscuit
SW 1.48: After Paradise
SW 1.49: A Gig Nobody Asked For
SW 1.50: Casualty
SW 1.51: Last Contact
SW 1.52: Atlas' Burden Hub
SW 1.53: In the Forest Dying, a Fen is Born
SW 1.54: A Wanderers' Guide To First Aid In The Library: Atriums
SW 1.55: Connections
SW 1.56: Flowers On Stone
SW 1.57: An Oyster's Observation of the Ending of Things
SW 1.58: Memorial
SW 1.59: Tijuana Gothic
SW 1.60: Scabs
SW 1.61: Cigarettes and Rain
SW 1.62: The Torch of Al-Azbah Part I
SW 1.63: The Dance of Life and Death
SW 1.64: They say love is supposed to burn, but I am drowning, and I can no longer breathe
SW 1.65: Observer Compendium I-4
SW 1.66: Innocence Revisited
SW 1.67: Desire
SW 1.68: The Testament of Malachi
SW 1.69: Cain and Dale
SW 1.70: Green Lady
SW 1.71: Rust
SW 1.72: With Rigging of Gold and a Sky Like Wine
SW 1.73: The Samsa Generator
SW 1.74: Moths Dancing Past Dragons Into Godhood
SW 1.75: Inspiration Module
SW 1.76: 100.000 BC
SW 1.77: Requiems of the Harbinger
SW 1.78: A Disease of the Flesh
SW 1.79: Wreckage by the Sea
SW 1.80: Four Misconceptions Regarding the Transcendental Clusterminds of the Uppermost Datasphere
SW 1.81: To Salt the Earth with Tears of Jesus
SW 1.82: City of Clocks
SW 1.83: An Encounter in the Woods
SW 1.84: Wrong Way
SW 1.85: Slain in Ailech, without Blemish
SW 1.86: A Thankful Signal to the Maker
SW 1.87: It's A Bridge
SW 1.88: Black White Dust
SW 1.89: Heavensbane
SW 1.90: Hazy Elegies From the West Ward Window, 1969
SW 1.91: The Roses of Labro
SW 1.92: The Field of Strange Ships
SW 1.93: Two Rabbits
SW 1.94: For You, The World
SW 1.95: Me, My Sword, and I
SW 1.96: Heaven's Dawn
SW 1.97: The Epic of the Serpent
SW 1.98: Remembering The Ghost Haunting The Brick Wall
SW 1.99: Perambulation Across The Promenade

SW 2.00 - 2.99: The Collective's Shelf

The greatest minds were integrated into a heavy quark core and fueled by an ocean of dyson spheres to create a supreme being. It shaped the course of humanity across the universe, giving purpose to every life and perfecting our existence. There were no wars or suffering. Only peace and stillness.

SW 2.00: The Cost of Living

SW 2.1: Mihashirabō Presents "A Life Half-Fulfilled"
SW 2.2: Autumn's Regards
SW 2.3: Polystyrene
SW 2.4: A House, Never a Home
SW 2.5: Elegy for the roadkill foxes
SW 2.6: Selling/Sold
SW 2.7: The Sea of Styx
SW 2.8: Her, Sunlit
SW 2.9: At Tannhäuser Gate
SW 2.10: A Wanderers' Guide To First Aid In The Library: Restricted Areas
SW 2.11: 81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twenty-Fifth Cycle, Rokday
SW 2.12: You will look at me even if it is just to bury what remains
SW 2.13: Kenophobia On George Street
SW 2.14: Cempasúchil
SW 2.15: "Mutualism"
SW 2.16: The Book of Rules, 5th Edition sic
SW 2.17: Radium Tears Swim in the Cowlings of Departed Wrights
SW 2.18: 81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twenty-Fifth Cycle, Byrday
SW 2.19: The Last Letter of A. Marquis
SW 2.20: Crossway Print: Issue #004
SW 2.21: 81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twenty-Fifth Cycle, Skalday
SW 2.22: Realization
SW 2.23: As Wrote in the Loos
SW 2.24: Not You Too
SW 2.25: Notable Decorative Pieces of the Southern Shelves.
SW 2.26: Tomb
SW 2.27: Shite Fishing
SW 2.28: the universe in 3/4 time
SW 2.29: Jäara Forser, Unnamed
SW 2.30: Passionflower Tea
SW 2.31: Your important meeting is important.
SW 2.32: Ultimatum
SW 2.33: From the Many-mound
SW 2.34: An Argument Over Tea
SW 2.35: Child Of The Night
SW 2.36: Cyberscum and Blues
SW 2.37: Gloves
SW 2.38: A fall to freedom
SW 2.39: Tribute to a Salmon
SW 2.40: a trip to the beach without you.
SW 2.41: waxahachie
SW 2.42: A Fool's Pinings for a Lost Umbrella
SW 2.43: Metabolism Poem (Fog)
SW 2.44: the drill (cementhookreplica)
SW 2.45: All the Dust of Yesterday
SW 2.46: His Divine Corpse
SW 2.47: Cazador
SW 2.48: At Dusk, We Parade Amid our Darkest Demons
SW 2.49: Fronterizo
SW 2.50: Travels Of A Hunter
SW 2.51: Interloper: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Silence
SW 2.52: Gone
SW 2.53: glass case
SW 2.54: Flamebearer's Elegy
SW 2.55: Brotherhood
SW 2.56: Go Fish?
SW 2.57: Too Late For Halloween
SW 2.58: A Betrothal in Blue
SW 2.59: Recovered from the Diary of Võlutaar Anskál
SW 2.60: The Evasive Fox Shows That Which is Invisible to the Eye
SW 2.61: Remembering
SW 2.62: An Experienced Person’s Guide to Holes
SW 2.63: Drowning, Drowning
SW 2.64: Sights to Sea
SW 2.65: Ash and Pomegranate Trees
SW 2.66: Musings on Musing
SW 2.67: A Bridge I Should Have Burned; Pt I: A Mourning Heartbeat
SW 2.68: The Rat King
SW 2.69: Turn Off the Lights, I Want To Go Home in the Fog
SW 2.70: Through The Abandoned Wing
SW 2.71: Poem found by the river
SW 2.72: Portraits
SW 2.73: Remnants
SW 2.74: Not All Walls (Or Blocks) Are Insurmountable
SW 2.75: Cold Metal and Sacrifice
SW 2.76: Transcript
SW 2.77: Mirages in the Snow
SW 2.78: I Need Ideas!!
SW 2.79: The First Shot
SW 2.80: Animated
SW 2.81: Conquering the Worm
SW 2.82: Of sunsets and magic
SW 2.83: quiet
SW 2.84: Careful, it's Hot
SW 2.85: Theseus
SW 2.86: betelgeuse
SW 2.87: The Calling of The Serpent
SW 2.88: The Panther's Cub
SW 2.89: Not All Dates (Or Plans) Go Perfectly
SW 2.90: Draco
SW 2.91: This Happened in Larkan
SW 2.92: Three things you ought to know/understand
SW 2.93: Come Forth from the Garden of Beginnings
SW 2.94: Bloodfishing
SW 2.95: Heist
SW 2.96: Logos, Ethos, Pathos
SW 2.97: A Child, a Guide, an Old Friend
SW 2.98: O' Branch Brother Where are You?
SW 2.99: And still the rains came

SW 3.00 - 3.99: The Captain's Shelf

Built of the sun-bleached wood gathered from the wreck of the great library-ship of the Kharnam sea, whose captain remained nameless, dedicated only to the collection of knowledge. Inhabited by the particularly shy bees and unique flora that made the wreck their home, their jasmine and sea salt honey has spawned generations of bees in the Library. The Captain is honored through the pollinators' dedication to the upkeep of the greenery of the Library.

SW 3.00: Honeyed Be Thy Name

SW 3.1: Cold And Cruel
SW 3.2: beneath the desk
SW 3.3: Agnosthesia
SW 3.4: Egg
SW 3.5: House Of Dreams
SW 3.6: TW: underage drug usage, traumaqueer/inhumanity
SW 3.7: A Poem On Death
SW 3.8: Incongruent Rails
SW 3.9: Kiss thy Chains
SW 3.10: The Oracle Visits Larkan
SW 3.11: Rainbow Bridge
SW 3.12: on looking back
SW 3.13: written on the back of a prescription for 200ml testosterone
SW 3.14: Poemadox
SW 3.15: The Fox of Luopan
SW 3.16: I'm Afraid I'll Miss It
SW 3.17: Purposefully Untitled
SW 3.18: The Porcelaine Nook
SW 3.19: The Election of Ralph Walderson
SW 3.20: Eyes
SW 3.21: Welcome to Wheelbarrow
SW 3.22: From the Deathbed of a Dying Lover
SW 3.23: Coyote
SW 3.24: A Part of Thee
SW 3.25: A Pale Petal, Adrift at Sea
SW 3.26: after the magnetic fields
SW 3.27: Universe In A Limestone
SW 3.28: Anatomy of a Swingset
SW 3.29: Cleaning Out the Rooms
SW 3.30: Notes Plucked to Hum, Heart Plucked too
SW 3.31: Deus ex Mundo
SW 3.32: Mima
SW 3.33: Lesson One: Manifeasto
SW 3.34: Worlds of a Dreamer
SW 3.35: The Five Senses of You
SW 3.36: Affliction
SW 3.37: Speakers of the Wood
SW 3.38: Mussels in the kitchen
SW 3.39: Running Late
SW 3.40: Concrete, Steel and Sodium
SW 3.41: Luckless Lucien
SW 3.42: To The Girl I Loved in August
SW 3.43: Towers; or How the Boy Learned to Dream
SW 3.44: A World Of Beauty
SW 3.45: Static
SW 3.46: The Patron Saints of Things that Crawl/ Recess at St. Patrick’s School For Boys
SW 3.47: Sal's Steakhouse
SW 3.48: Once in a lifetime commute
SW 3.49: Why am I loved, after all that happened?
SW 3.50: An Evening Market
SW 3.51: An Introduction To Immature Taxidermy
SW 3.52: Rarer Still
SW 3.53: The Bear With Human Eyes
SW 3.54: A Short Written Account of the Various Tea and Refreshments Sections Scattered Across the Library by a Dapper Handsome Creature
SW 3.55: On the Practices of the Western Phoenician Religion
SW 3.56: In Which a Black Hole Contemplates on a Beach
SW 3.57: Mile High
SW 3.58: i warned you
SW 3.59: Rare Morsels
SW 3.60: A Cool Breeze's Comfort
SW 3.61: Recipes from Infinity Manor
SW 3.62: The Century Worm
SW 3.63: Me and the Bottle
SW 3.64: A Whisper in the Night
SW 3.65: Dispute; Narratively Defensible
SW 3.66: Συγγνώμη, γιαγιά
SW 3.67: Into The Mundane
SW 3.68: Entry 1 - Rocks
SW 3.69: Thunderbird
SW 3.70: Soldier, Sailor, Scholar, King
SW 3.71: 关公
SW 3.72: A Bridge I Should Have Burned; Pt II: The Peace We Could Have Been
SW 3.73: Springtime Blues
SW 3.74: Ojhi and the land of Orthothans
SW 3.75: this house is clean but it is not my home
SW 3.76: Eironeía-Hesperidean
SW 3.77: Entry 2 - Trees
SW 3.78: A Chill Came Upon
SW 3.79: Ralph Walderson Goes Corporate
SW 3.80: Editor's Second Choice
SW 3.81: An Abridged History of the Elrichen Cloud Laws
SW 3.82: Entry 3 - Water
SW 3.83: Blood In The Water
SW 3.84: Hometown
SW 3.85: Minotaur
SW 3.86: Av, Second Rotation, 5099
SW 3.87: Entry 4 - Memories
SW 3.88: American Putrefaction
SW 3.89: Entomophobia, Part One
SW 3.90: The Vision of Lorenz Barron
SW 3.91: The Tragedy of King Minos
SW 3.92: The Path Beneath the Flyover
SW 3.93: No Flights Out
SW 3.94: Necropolis
SW 3.95: Puppy Love
SW 3.96: Entry 5 - Spirits
SW 3.97: Lesson Two - Buthereasoning
SW 3.98: Grave Matters
SW 3.99: p/partnerships

SW 4.00 - 4.99: Chained Uvall's Shelf

Hidden within the dilapidated dredges of the Pacific’s deepest depths, the Uvall has long since remained imprisoned, shackled to the ocean’s spine. For eons, he has been kept within the clouded film between life and death, caught in a balanced limbo constructed by the warlocks of Ghaelod to ensure his eternal imprisonment. Should his chains become undone, his wrath would bequeath naught but savage chaos unto the world.

SW 4.00: Worship Death

SW 4.1: A Beautiful Coffee Shop
SW 4.2: Wes Anderson's Game Grumps
SW 4.3: Entry 6 - Sunset
SW 4.4: Library Card : Part One
SW 4.5: God is the blood under my fingernails
SW 4.6: the numbers
SW 4.7: Battle For The Chronicle
SW 4.8: Entry 7 - Death
SW 4.9: The Blue Danube
SW 4.10: helpless child
SW 4.11: Entry 8 - Soup
SW 4.12: White Picket Fence
SW 4.13: I remember who I used to be.
SW 4.14: elementary school reunion
SW 4.15: Tizita All the Way Down
SW 4.16: Excerpts from a Coward's Journal
SW 4.17: Unraveled
SW 4.18: Entry 9 - Copper
SW 4.19: Of Oranges Like Sunset
SW 4.20: Things Left Unsaid
SW 4.21: आखिरी सांस, सितारों के बीच
SW 4.22: Lullaby Of Lavender Lapidary
SW 4.23: Library Card : Part Two
SW 4.24: Entry 10 - Burning
SW 4.25: A Culinary Experiment
SW 4.26: Up Here
SW 4.27: wurlitzer
SW 4.28: What Am I
SW 4.29: End of Reality
SW 4.30: Entry 11 - Stars
SW 4.31: 6 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
SW 4.32: Hardened Mechanisms
SW 4.33: Shattered Memories
SW 4.34: Ojhi and the Jungle of Daevas- Part 1
SW 4.35: a period piece
SW 4.36: overcome by happiness
SW 4.37: Irna Phillips Instruction Literature
SW 4.38: Logic
SW 4.39: Fuego Fatuo
SW 4.40: Blossoms of Love
SW 4.41: Lavender Afternoon
SW 4.42: A Lighthouse Under a Sunless Sky
SW 4.43: A Gravedigger in the Ten-Tongue Empire
SW 4.44: Smouldering in Pyerojen
SW 4.45: A Dog's Diary
SW 4.46: Stygian Blue Moon
SW 4.47: Hot and Cold
SW 4.48: Salamandras
SW 4.49: (with a window/with no child)
SW 4.50: It
SW 4.51: Echoes of Darkness
SW 4.52: some thoughts about rain
SW 4.53: An Awakening in Parts
SW 4.54: polity
SW 4.55: Jaws Of A Shrieking Blaze
SW 4.56: A Retail Worker's Soliloquy
SW 4.57: The Types of Weather Where I Live
SW 4.58: On Distant Shores
SW 4.59: Flesh Rhapsody
SW 4.60: Instant Flushes and Mercury Bloodstreams Over Easy
SW 4.61: Warmth in the Smog
SW 4.62: "pocket watch"
SW 4.63: Preempting The Rider
SW 4.64: The Way Down
SW 4.65: A Sure Bet
SW 4.66: All That's Left.
SW 4.67: The Escape From Hell's Kitchen
SW 4.68: Stygian Blue Crashdown
SW 4.69: A Stranger at the Burrow Gates
SW 4.70: handgun, ballpoint pen, drano
SW 4.71: The Smokers Song
SW 4.72: Forever Is A Family's Love
SW 4.73: Front Row
SW 4.74: Promises
SW 4.75: Phillip's Plain
SW 4.76: The little boy, the star-eyed flower fairy and the gingerbread house
SW 4.77: Opre
SW 4.78: Reverence/Revulsion
SW 4.79: New Gods' Decay, Part 1
SW 4.80: frowns on the jugglers
SW 4.81: Staring At A Blank Sky
SW 4.82: The One Rite for Rust
SW 4.83: storm/static/sleep
SW 4.84: Urodela
SW 4.85: State of Affairs
SW 4.86: Why He Did It
SW 4.87: Erit Lux 1: A Deal
SW 4.88: farewell address
SW 4.89: Beginnings Of Things
SW 4.90: the water will reclaim you
SW 4.91: Scaffolding
SW 4.92: Daydreams
SW 4.93: Amphibious
SW 4.94: Ecosystems
SW 4.95: Corrigendum
SW 4.96: A Bird Begins Again - I. The Nest
SW 4.97: A Fish Named Wink
SW 4.98: VERNE I
SW 4.99: Near-Shore Whalefalls of the South China Sea

SW 5.00 - 5.99: The Lost Dreadnought's Shelf

The veteran rests at the bottom, fallen to a war without name. Its muscles corroded by the salt, its bones crushed under the gentle weight of the barnacle. The antinomical promethean awaits in disrepair for another to reignite its lacking flame.

SW 5.00: The Scribe's Last Journey

SW 5.1: Fireworks in Rome
SW 5.2: And Then There Was Light
SW 5.3: I. The Observer
SW 5.4: Gods And Gladiators
SW 5.5: James Brooklyn: A Thought
SW 5.6: A Trip to the Moon, Folded in Half
SW 5.7: Self Worth (A Poem)
SW 5.8: Jeremy´s Paradox of Perspective
SW 5.9: Lesson Three - Procurement
SW 5.10: Ojhi and the Jungle of Daevas- Part 2
SW 5.11: On Cisgender
SW 5.12: The Wheel Turns On Tarmac The Same Way It Has Turned Since The Invention Of Tarmac, The Airplane And The Wheel
SW 5.13: II. A Void in the Shape of a House
SW 5.14: Anagnorisis
SW 5.15: Antinomio
SW 5.16: Norteño
SW 5.17: Angelero
SW 5.18: Callampa
SW 5.19: The Glasshouse With Butterfly
SW 5.20: Matanza
SW 5.21: Abuelo
SW 5.22: Éxodo
SW 5.23: Patriota
SW 5.24: Tocata
SW 5.25: Yerba
SW 5.26: The Ghost who lost his Face
SW 5.27: Ni perdón, ni olvido
SW 5.28: Golpe
SW 5.29: A Cure For The Living Dead
SW 5.30: About the Author
SW 5.31: Appetite for a Nightly Feast
SW 5.32: Intracranial Snowfall
SW 5.33: A Glisten in the Heavens: Whatever You Need It To Be
SW 5.34: The Stranger's Crown Prevails
SW 5.35: In Memoriam of the Crow Killed on US 60 West
SW 5.36: American All-Stars
SW 5.37: A Song for Efishti
SW 5.38: The Lovers
SW 5.39: The Chemists' War
SW 5.40: An Ode to the Bike Wheel locked to the CVS on the Corner of University City and Prices Fork
SW 5.41: chest cavity (the star)
SW 5.42: The Existentialist's Antinomies Pub(d) est. July 2, 1778
SW 5.43: I think so
SW 5.44: Father's Toy
SW 5.45: Air Conditioner
SW 5.46: Three Of Cups
SW 5.47: In the Beginning - a Tree's Story
SW 5.48: The Day the Lampposts Walked Away
SW 5.49: Crawling to the Dark
SW 5.50: Temperance
SW 5.51: From the Journal of Tititictilitics: “Prose to the Flippancy of Clouds”
SW 5.52: No Right To Remain Silent (The Tower)
SW 5.53: Night World Rhymes
SW 5.54: Eyes Upon the Abyss
SW 5.55: Walled Off (Nine Of Cups)
SW 5.56: Stygian Blue Scales
SW 5.57: Phreaked Out
SW 5.58: happy birthday, mima
SW 5.59: The Hermit
SW 5.60: Tine
SW 5.61: Tale Of Ansel Smith, Necromancer
SW 5.62: Stripping Screws
SW 5.63: A Way Out
SW 5.64: The Chariot
SW 5.65: Seven Swords, Piercing
SW 5.66: Domestic Poems
SW 5.67: CATAPHRACT (The Hanged Man)
SW 5.68: Lethe Drown
SW 5.69: Moon Poem
SW 5.70: Octubrina
SW 5.71: something in the air
SW 5.72: Lost and Alone
SW 5.73: Low Midnight Tide, Green Spring Stars
SW 5.74: Decree
SW 5.75: The tale of a walking city
SW 5.76: The Pauper's Section
SW 5.77: Wrong Kind of Persimmon
SW 5.78: Deicide
SW 5.79: Midnight Ride Radio
SW 5.80: Evil
SW 5.81: Pier 361
SW 5.82: The Cave Master, the Pool, the Green Snake, and the Lighter
SW 5.83: The Projectionist
SW 5.84: Solitaire
SW 5.85: Soup and Stories
SW 5.86: A Regular Hexahedron
SW 5.87: Blood in the Mud
SW 5.88: Ramblings of a Father
SW 5.89: Everything That’s Worth Doing is Hard
SW 5.90: Empty Architecture
SW 5.91: Our Wake, Our Mercy
SW 5.92: Entry 12 - Names
SW 5.93: Letter to the Professors (after June Jordan)
SW 5.94: The Best of Friends
SW 5.95: scatterbrained.
SW 5.96: Water's Curiosity
SW 5.97: late night gold
SW 5.98: Cartesian Dualism
SW 5.99: Something Like a Storm Petrel

SW 6.00 - 6.99: The Nameless Sailor's Shelf:

He renounced his titles, his home, and his very name, vowing to sail the sea of words and never return until from its depths he’s hunted down a verse or poem that does not pale against his love for his lady. Should you come upon him, beware: his pen is far deadlier than his harpoon.

SW 6.00: So Our Love May Endure

SW 6.1: Oh, Anemoia
SW 6.2: Guilt & Shame
SW 6.3: Summoning
SW 6.4: Five Ten
SW 6.5: The Whispers of us Forgotten
SW 6.6: Crystalline Petrichor (Strichtarn)
SW 6.7: Aurelia, Angélique
SW 6.8: Monotropical
SW 6.9: Entry 13 - Traps
SW 6.10: The Origamist
SW 6.11: Happy Deathday
SW 6.12: Poppy Fields
SW 6.13: Stray Advice
SW 6.14: Forever Exploring, Going Nowhere
SW 6.15: Still Life with Silicon
SW 6.16: The Inevitability of Paint On the Fingers
SW 6.17: Last First Snow
SW 6.18: In Their Wake
SW 6.19: the world will have to wait on us today.
SW 6.20: Tzompantli
SW 6.21: Lucky Break
SW 6.22: Little Trouble in the Big Library
SW 6.23: We Should Hang Out Sometime
SW 6.24: the monsters at the end of the world
SW 6.25: Extraculinarriculars
SW 6.26: The Calico and the 'Brary
SW 6.27: Hark Upon the Yonder Knifeblock
SW 6.28: New Year
SW 6.29: Hyacinth King
SW 6.30: But I Still Got an Space To Fill
SW 6.31: Dyemonger
SW 6.32: Burning Blue
SW 6.33: The Living Fiction
SW 6.34: fire motif.
SW 6.35: Ad Infinitum
SW 6.36: Dark's History
SW 6.37: The Adventures of Little Pinecone
SW 6.38: Busy
SW 6.39: On Sympathy and Empathy: A Personal Memoir from A Dying Old Man
SW 6.40: Last Meal
SW 6.41: Another Pays For Your Pleasure
SW 6.42: An Account of My Life
SW 6.43: Gravitational Collapser
SW 6.44: Downsizing
SW 6.45: Forest Eulogy
SW 6.46: As We Dance
SW 6.47: The Strong Rock
SW 6.48: My Path Serpentine
SW 6.49: Serial number-ROP-7623826826/The retrieval of the “Charter of Emancipation” in Lothal
SW 6.50: A Song, a Bomb, and a Cognitohazard
SW 6.51: Into a Blizzard
SW 6.52: Lesson Four Pale-Fishing
SW 6.53: The Devil in Purple Silk
SW 6.54: In The Eye of The World
SW 6.55: The City At The End of Time
SW 6.56: One Who Dreams of the Fountain
SW 6.57: Casus Belli
SW 6.58: The First Monastery
SW 6.59: Peaches, Saline, Sun
SW 6.60: Single Days and Snow Flurries
SW 6.61: Desert
SW 6.62: Dramamine
SW 6.63: Astoria
SW 6.64: Entry 14 - Sweets
SW 6.65: Jerry Williams
SW 6.66: Sympathique
SW 6.67: Vermilion Flycatcher
SW 6.68: Today I
SW 6.69: Possessed
SW 6.70: Ain't No Man
SW 6.71: Three-and-a-Half Stories About Rodent Fishing
SW 6.72: A Backcloth of Ashes and Stars
SW 6.73: Confluence
SW 6.74: Noccalula
SW 6.75: Memories Unbound
SW 6.76: Letter to Clara Nova
SW 6.77: Tale of the Hunter and the Unnamed beast
SW 6.79: What Is A God?
SW 6.80: A history of the Archons from 3.3 GA to 4,500,002,024 GA
SW 6.81: After Louise Glück
SW 6.82: A Love Poem Found on a Discarded Chinese Food Container
SW 6.83: The Weasel and the Magpies
SW 6.84: A Soldier's Dream
SW 6.85: Presque Vu
SW 6.87: Coober Pedy Cave Clash 100
SW 6.88: From the Journal of Tititictilitics: "Rain of the Day"
SW 6.89: Pasadena Mascara
SW 6.90: Of Ravens and Wolves
SW 6.91: Vicarious
SW 6.92: Volition
SW 6.93: Groundwater
SW 6.94: Tower Lantern Cleans the Temple of the Allmartyr
SW 6.95: You The Weapon
SW 6.96: The Last Confession of Wind-among-Reeds
SW 6.97: A Hymn of Overthrown Hexes and Whetted Steel
SW 6.98: Cassette_001 : "Empyrean"

SW 7.00 - 7.99: The Shelf of the Hidden Word

No, not yet.

SW 7.00: On Salasar

SW 7.1: Shelfstalkers - Galen’s Guide to Bibliozoology
SW 7.2: In Dreams
SW 7.3: the Human constellation!
SW 7.4: Three Nights
SW 7.5: Frame By Frame
SW 7.6: How Did I Get Here?
SW 7.7: The Red on The Horizon
SW 7.8: The Splittage of Ms. Molly Gambol
SW 7.9: A Bit of a Mess
SW 7.10: Please Stay
SW 7.11: A Friendly Elegy
SW 7.12: Red Earth and a Song
SW 7.13: How Swiftly Our Quips Become Carrion (for Preston)
SW 7.14: The Library Was Never Silent: A Tale of Shared Knowledge and Community
SW 7.15: What is the Afterlife?
SW 7.16: Soy Argentina
SW 7.17: Only High Upon The Mountain
SW 7.18: Entry 15 - Lore
SW 7.19: Aquiline
SW 7.20: History of the Divine beast
SW 7.21: Verdin
SW 7.22: Frank and Francine
SW 7.23: harden your heart, foramina
SW 7.24: The Shadow In My Room
SW 7.26: The Marriage of Coyote Woman
SW 7.27: Once and Evermore
SW 7.28: Purpleheart
SW 7.29: A Eulogy for My Friends
SW 7.30: Caelum et Terra
SW 7.31: Prince Rupert
SW 7.32: The Worm & The Crow
SW 7.33: The Crow & The Worm
SW 7.34: Of Gods of fate and Domination
SW 7.35: Requiem
SW 7.36: Daffodil
SW 7.37: Her, Tree
SW 7.38: My God, Not Yours
SW 7.39: Leftover Twin
SW 7.40: For The Neophyte
SW 7.41: Hierophant, Reversed
SW 7.42: A Pig Is a Pig
SW 7.43: A tale of rainbow rainfall
SW 7.44: Instructions on Falling Backwards Into the Dreaming Sea: Or, Midnight Is Not Morning But You Can Make Time Skip Like Anaesthesia
SW 7.45: Entry 16 - Storm
SW 7.46: Old Roads of St. Augustine
SW 7.47: Ramblings of Conditional Tie-Dyed Snow
SW 7.48: A Recipe for Avoiding Hunger
SW 7.49: To Act At Night
SW 7.50: Its.
SW 7.51: Entry 17 - Floorplan
SW 7.52: The Rivers
SW 7.53: I See Rainbows Encircle the Moon
SW 7.54: Magnifique
SW 7.55: I should not sleep so well
SW 7.56: Blackmail, White Lies, Yellow Journalism, and Red Tape
SW 7.57: Breathtaking
SW 7.58: Life Enough
SW 7.59: The Hawk
SW 7.60: Emperor, Flesh
SW 7.61: Poems For My Daughter
SW 7.62: Punk
SW 7.63: The Emerald Eye
SW 7.64: Dear Joseph
SW 7.65: song for the man who threatened to assault me in a target parking lot
SW 7.66: The Legend of the Resttale Bus
SW 7.67: Snake in the dance of dreams
SW 7.69: Tales of Creation - Myth, Truth & Other
SW 7.70: Arclund Bestiary Entry 1
SW 7.71: Four Flush
SW 7.72: Back Here Again — I See the World on Stilts
SW 7.73: Painter's Wish
SW 7.74: Fisticuffs Under Cherry Blooms
SW 7.75: Silent Strife
SW 7.76: And Though We Live..
SW 7.77: Do Not Be Afraid to Enter a Haunted House
SW 7.78: You Tell Me a Story, Broodmother-of-Mine
SW 7.79: Into Its Heart I Beat Again

SW 8.00 - 8.99: The Tyrannous Snailfish’s Shelf

The eldritch dictator of the deepest ocean trenches, The Tyrannous Snailfish rules its wasteland domain with an iron fist, gorging itself on the flesh of its own subjects without regard. Yet not once has its reign of terror been challenged, for all it rules are feeble shellfish and worms who have taken little notice of their oppressor.

SW 8.00: The Bramble Hedge

SW 9.00 - 9.99: The Shelf of Hawig Forest

The Ways that end among the waving fronds of Hawig Forest number in the thousands. Few find their way back once they find themselves amongst the kelp; but this is not the end, only the beginning. Many Wanderers have begun their journey lost in the forest.

SW 9.00: You Cannot Kill Me in Any Way that Matters

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