With Wafting Music
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AKA: AKAM80's Author Page

Some of the works you see barely take up half the page, others are multiple pages (front and back) that are stapled together.

These are listed in order of creation, oldest to newest.

The Rat King From below, inhuman charisma dripping from his lips, he calls.
Logos, Ethos, Pathos In the aftermath of an accident, three debate what it all meant and what it'll mean.
I'm Afraid I'll Miss It There's nothing to worry about.
Notes Plucked to Hum, Heart Plucked too The few that stick with you in perpetuity. — Debate Club 2023 Entry (Team Rare)
Editor's Second Choice "We needed to meet a minimum."
Reverence/Revulsion O holy rabble, we art ensnared. — Serpentine Sorting System 2023: TitanClash LIVE entry
Corrigendum The author wishes to make a correction.
Phreaked Out Doing LSD and making free long-distance calls.
Cartesian Dualism Two parallel tales, held side by side. Humans don't change, only their tools.
In Their Wake Misery, nothing else to be had. — Co-authored with VishardshVishardsh, Serpentine Sorting System 2023: Titan Clash LIVE entry
Little Trouble in the Big Library Missing: Pork 'n' Beans! — Yule Tide gift for Dino--DrawsDino--Draws.
Linus Daglen is a Hack A tussle with self-doubt.
As We Dance An intricate number performed to the tune of woe. — The Journal of the Walk entry
Noccalula She will never land.
Presque Vu Faded memories, stuck to the detritus. — ComboCon 2024 Entry, Leftover + Hideaway
Four Flush A descent into Hinnom. — An entry into the Ironband canon and Owlpede's Summer Shebang

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