Wreckage by the Sea
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That's the Skinfold. Well, I call it the Skinfold. If you asked anyone else, they wouldn't be able to tell you its name or whatever happened to it.


A harsh breeze brushed over his face. Zend Vigo was sailing towards the west, far from the place he once called home. It would take a few days but, perhaps they could find a new place to live. Vigo placed his younger sister in the kerchief wrapped around his torso, above his eight spider-like arms. Minna's tiny body was too weak to move. Too weak to speak. What the Karcists had done to her in the temple… It was too much for her. To build her strength back, she needed to get food and medicine.

The first few days of the journey were peaceful. Minna's body remained pale. She struggled to even eat food and drink. Vigo had to help her chew; she couldn't do it herself. On the eighth day, Zend Vigo finally saw the captain. He was one of the Karcists back in the temple.

Affectively, everyone started to call him Captain Karcist Aleksi. He would always listen to the discontent of the temple's disciples and promise that things would change — but they never did. Eventually, Karcist Aleksi gave up trying. He offered them a trip to a new place where they would be treated better, he said.

He spoke of Adytum, the Nälkä capital. Their holy city. He told them about the beauty of the structures built and adorned by the most skilled fleshcrafters in the world. He would also mention the unconditional devotion of all of its inhabitants to Grand Karcist Ion.

Everything seemed to have taken a turn for the better, except for the little sister's health. Vigo was busy all day tending to her. This, however, was just the calm before the storm. A crash was felt by everyone on the boat. The boat had hit something. Vigo rushed to where the commotion was, they were all watching as water entered through a huge hole in the lower part of the boat.

All the crew was paralyzed in fear. Vigo looked down at his sister, who remained motionless. The rusty metallic walls felt more claustrophobic than they had before. For an instant, he wondered why the captain had chosen a metal ship. With his unrivaled fleshcrafting skills he could have made something far greater than this junk. They were now suffering the consequences. What was he thinking? The captain must have had his reasons. But that didn't matter at that moment. Vigo had to do something. For himself, for his baby sister, and for all of his comrades. He crafted a thick silk web from the bottom of his abdomen. This would serve as a short-term solution until Karcist Aleksi arrived.

Some of the other passengers tried to help Vigo hold off the submerging boat. They made sinew, bones, and flesh. But it wasn't enough. Is this what Karcist Aleksi meant when he called them “mediocre”?

The captain's arrival was met with expectancy. It took him about an hour to even get to the lower level. Then, he let them down once more. He claimed that he was unable to do anything. Everyone was fixed on him with disbelieving eyes. After that, he just walked away. An effervescent rage erupted from Vigo.

He called Aleksi for what he was: a manipulator and a liar. Karcist Aleksi responded to his aggressiveness with words that would stick with him forever: “Mistakes. You're all my mistakes. Never before had I seen flesh this weak. None of you are worthy of calling yourselves followers of Ion.” He had brought them all to die, in the middle of the sea.

Everyone began shouting at their former captain. The sea broke in once again. No time. Vigo urged everyone to get into a lifeboat and paddle away. He hugged his sister with his superior arms and rushed toward a lifeboat. He put all of his free arms to use. Paddled away as fast as he could. He could not let his sister remain unattended for much longer. Vigo heard a deafening splash behind him.

Eight enormous tentacles wrapped the ship, sinking it further. In awe, he watched as another lifeboat sailed away toward their former temple.

He hugged his sister and looked away from the catastrophe. Minna's cheeks had a bluish hue. Was she past the point of no return? No. She would get better once they reached Adytum. She would be saved. But her eyes were blank, as if ready for death.


That was many years ago. Now, I just stand here by myself. The sight of that ship brings me painful memories and a desire for revenge. I know Karcist Aleksi is still alive and well. A feeling in my abdomen tells me. One day, I will make him pay.


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