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this is a song
for the nights
when despair
hangs low
in the humid
july air,
when the trees
are still
in the pitch black
of one in the morning,
when you think
that you could
never leave
your bedroom again.

there have
been times
where i thought
that my body
could melt
into a puddle
of teardrops
and nobody
would be able
to tell
the difference.

if you have
had nights
where you imagined
yourself dying
on a hill
in a forest,
unable to see
the stars above,
and never
being found,
then i want you
to know that
i am driving
out to the forest
to lie there with you.

i am sitting
at the third
window from the right,
second floor.
next to me
is an old flashlight
that i found
while going through
my father's things
in the attic.

give me a signal,
and i'll flash a message
in morse code.
i can do it twice
if you have trouble
with the translation,
but i'll tell you now:
the message will say

i love you.

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