Yorker under the sky
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The glowing wind slowly faded away.

I lay in the circle, reversed.

The anti-gravitational field continuously refreshed my senses.

I stared at the Earth through my gem dome. That is my true sky - As if the whole world has turned upside down.

Leaning against the disappearing violet-ish colour sunset glow, I made a willful stretch under this wide, nearly infinite space.

Which caused me to slide towards a cloud along my side.

For a beginner who can't fully control his own centre of gravity yet, problems like this are nothing special.

But compared to a perfect control, I'm more into the skills of "going with the flow, shifting along the wind".

The feeling of devoting myself fully into unknowingness, the thrill of this practice will turn into a free fall every next second.

Thinking till here, I laid down my body again, padded one hand behind my head.

I raised up the other hand, gently stroked the New York city that is 3,000 feet above me.

As the planet rotated, a clear and cool wind blows through my hair once again and returns to me inadvertently.

Through the gap between my fingers, I saw vehicles in various colours and shapes travelling and pedestrian moving on the Fifth Avenue, like products on a shipping line, orderly and machinery.

Seemed like everybody got their own destination, and has no time to hesitate.

Though I never agreed to such lifestyle, maybe it is because of that, New York had its “magic” to keep me around.

As the sun fully falls, the dark night finally raised up its curtain,

One of the peak creation of modern society will finally step on to its stage.

New York's night picture from a bird's-eyes view is shiny and stunning; like a cluster of bright stars above the boundless dark sky.

Lights across thousands of miles turn on at the same time, and never extinguish throughout the night.

It is the work and effort of everyone who lives and lived here

It is the glory and bustlings of this world's human civilization.

And it will light up my sky.

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