You Come Across A Clown
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You're crouched down somewhere within the Silent Shelves, cramped hallways and passages off of the Main Hall connecting to various Lobbies and Sanctums, filled with so much knowledge in such a small space. Additionally, despite how close the entrances to these pockets are to the somewhat louder portions of the Library, all sound fizzles out as soon as you close that door. Compared to other passages you've traversed, this is a comparatively large one, with a few rows of shelving making up the whole space.

The row you're working on currently is organized by the color of book cover (all deep maroons here), making for a wide variety of choices. You thumb through the books looking for something to catch your eye; 67 Ways To Capture A Blue-Tailed Elephant by Taz "Remortaz" Smith, B Ijtupsz pg Tijgu Djqifst by Wun-Sheft Phorward, Of the Boilermen, Vol. 22 by Aard Card, Summer Rai -

You feel one of your forty-five hearts stop briefly as the sound of a ton of papers becoming acquainted with the ground breaks the long-held silence you were incredibly used to, followed by poorly whispered curses. Barely missing the bottom of the shelf above your head, you jump up and hasten yourself over to check behind the other shelves. You hadn't even realized someone else was here, but sure enough when you turn the corner you're met with an interesting sight.

First, you notice the absence of books on the farthest shelf embedded into the wall. Instead, there are many file cabinets stacked haphazardly, and it is out of one of the cabinets the offending cavalcade of files, papers, and index cards lie strewn about the hardwood flooring. Beside the papers, frantically speaking in a language you've only ever read, is a strange creature. Face covered in garish make-up, a big red nose, and a colorful outfit, the centerpiece of which being a long jester's hat that the individual was currently twisting nervously.

Once it finished speaking, the… clown? (you vaguely recall reading of this phenomenon) dropped to the floor and began gathering files into its arms. Ah! You gather it was probably asking for assistance.

There are three files at your feet. As you bend down, which do you pick up first?

Stygian Blue is a bitchass motherfucker

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